Top Three Safety Implications of Replicator Spare Parts

Weir Minerals believes safety is always its highest priority. Risk is inherent in the mining industry, where heavy duty machinery is pushed to its limit, but “we strive to eliminate potential risks at every step of our equipment’s lifespan to ensure everyone returns home safely to their significant others at the end of each day,” the company said. “Non-OEM slurry…

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Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

by Kraig J. Nunn We live in a world where failure is a very real thing. A world where the smallest change in a machine’s operations can lead to complete breakdown. Bearings, belts, drive motors and gears are just a few of the parts that make up industrial equipment. Although each piece serves its own purpose, the failure of one…

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Donaldson Filter Minder Monitors Air Filters

Donaldson Co. Inc. is now offering its Filter Minder wireless monitoring system for air filters on heavy-duty engines. Following 18 months of successful field testing, the company announced that it is now offering installation and support of this innovative connected technology to optimize fleet maintenance practices in off-road equipment and on-road truck fleets.

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