Weir Esco Ultralok Tooth System Engineered to Outlast

Weir Esco offers Ultralok high-performance tooth systems for the earthmoving industry. The cost-efficient, low-profile Ultralok tooth system performs in a full range of machine applications. The integrated lock makes it a true two-piece system, reducing inventory over traditional three-piece systems.

The Ultralok system includes a comprehensive package of points and adapters for 6- to 75-metric-ton excavators and 1.8-to 12-cu.-yd. class wheel loaders.

Ultralok – Simple, easy and safer.

  • Integrated lock means no pins to order, lose or mismatch.
  • Points are easily installed and removed with a simple pry tool.
  • Minimal downtime between replacements.
  • Using the Ultralok system results in increased productivity with less maintenance.
  • A better operating cost position and increased profits.
  • Greater success in obtaining job bids while maintaining profitability.
  • Reliability provides more machine uptime to complete jobs on time.
  • Hammerless and safer.
  • Fast field replacements – just click and dig.

Weir Esco,

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