Critical Lubricant Questions From the Mine Site

By Adam Koscielak Equipment maintenance is essential to keep up with the increased productivity demands of a mining operation. After 36 years in this industry, I’ve seen firsthand the many challenges operations managers face in surface and underground mines – from extreme hot and cold temperatures to excess debris and humidity. Experience has taught me that the lubricant you select…

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Dieselcraft Centrifuges Have Debris-Holding Capacity

Dieselcraft centrifuges have more than five times the debris-holding capacity of any filters on the market, according to the manufacturer. This is because the centrifuge removes contaminants from the oil flow all together. Filters take out solids and hold them from circulating further but plug and reduce oil flow and eventually reach the point of not working. The cleaning efficiency…

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New York Blower Introduces Versatile Vaneaxial Fan

The New York Blower Co. (NYB) has expanded its line of industrial axial fans with the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Direct Drive Fan. The fan is ideal for high-flow, high-pressure applications in industries including mining, process supply and exhaust, transportation, combustion air/flare and pulp/paper. The fan’s inline, compact design is efficient for applications confined by space. 

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