Philippi-Hagenbuch HiVol Water Tanks Offer Maximum Capacity, Safety

Philippi-Hagenbuch’s line of patented HiVol Water Tanks deliver exceptional safety in a design that optimizes capacity and enhances travel safety. The company developed its HiVol water tanks with a safety focus, and they fit any make or model of off-highway truck. The tanks are an ideal solution for a multitude of applications, including dust suppression, fire protection and haul road…

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John Deere Introduces Protect Service Plan

To better support customers through improved aftermarket and support capabilities, John Deere announced its service program for construction equipment, John Deere Protect Service Plan. With John Deere Protect, required maintenance is performed at every 500-hour interval by an experienced dealer service technician. As a result, customers can decrease their risk and long-term ownership costs, positively impacting their bottom lines.

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