Six Things for All Leaders to Consider

Keep These Areas In Mind When You Work To Motivate Your Workforce. By Steve Schumacher Over my career as a leadership consultant and change agent, I have heard the mantra “people are our greatest asset” more times than I can count. It is usually verbalized by senior executives in annual reports or in employee meetings.  This experience covers all kinds…

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Compelling – A Word All Leaders Must Fully Understand

The Ability To Inspire Others Is One Difference Between A Manager And A Leader. By Steve Schumacher Over my decades of consulting and coaching bosses in business I have worked with all types of personalities with various strengths and weaknesses. There have been different terms for those bosses – supervisor, manager, director, vice-president, general manager, etc.  In most cases, regardless…

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Do Not Dump Training in a Crisis

By Steve Schumacher Social distancing, budgets and numerous other variables have slowed down or stopped training employees in a face-to-face manner. A lot of training has moved to web-based formats like Zoom. As a leader, it is important for you to understand that traditional training should only be delivered if the information shared is new for the employees involved.If you…

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