Granite Begins Public Comment Period on Utah Parley’s Canyon Project

Granite has received approval from the Utah Department of Air Quality (UDAQ) to begin the public comment period as part of Granite’s Parleys I-80 South Quarry small mine air permit application. During this rigorous application process, the application undergoes a comprehensive 30-day comment period, allowing the public to provide valuable input.

Following meticulous calculations, air modeling and review by numerous scientists and engineers, the new minor source application has been deemed eligible for consideration by UDAQ. This milestone marks the next step toward the establishment of a state-of-the-art infrastructure materials facility, which will be subject to emission criteria stipulated and regulated by UDAQ.

Under the proposed Parleys I-80 South Quarry new minor source permit, Granite will ensure that its production emissions remain well within the prescribed limits. Specifically, based on modeling results, the facility is projected to not exceed 3.6% of the particulate matter (PM) PM2.5 and 11% of the PM10 maximum threshold for minor source on an annual basis. Implementing stringent environmental site controls, including the utilization of Tier 4 diesel engines, renowned for their industry-leading low emissions, Granite remains committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

The man behind Utah’s efforts to land the Winter Olympic Games in 2030 or 2034 said Parleys Canyon belies the state’s efforts to prove itself as a good environmental steward, according to The Deseret News

“The International Olympic Committee is very focused on preserving our environment, very focused on sustainability, such that our bid has a big part of it around the environment and sustainability,” said Fraser Bullock, president and chief executive officer of the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games that is behind the bid to host the 2030 or 2034 Winter Games. “When I look at what we can do in Utah to improve our sustainability or environment, one is things that we can do to proactively improve our air quality and things like adding more electric vehicles,” he said. “But there are also things we can stop from happening in our community.”

Granite has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and upholding the highest ethical standards. As one of the founding partners of Clean Utah and more recently a donating partner with the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), the company has been a key proponent of improving local air quality for nearly a decade. Additionally, sustainability is a Granite core value; thus, a Sustainability Report is published by Granite annually. This local partnership with UCAIR and annual sustainability report represents Granite’s dedication to sustainable practices.

By adhering to the state’s rigorous permitting process and National Ambient Air Quality Standards, Granite aims to address the infrastructure materials needs of Utah’s burgeoning population and meet the growing demands for high-quality products.

“Utah’s population growth has resulted in increased demand for construction aggregates,” Erin Kuhlman, Granite’s chief marketing and communications officer told Rock Products.  “The long-term importation of aggregates to service the needs of the increasing Salt Lake City population is not a sustainable practice, and a failure to utilize resources such as those available at the I-80 South Quarry project site would require materials be transported further distances. This, in turn, would result in greater vehicle emissions and avoidable wear and tear to Utah’s roads.”

Granite has a decades long history of responsible operation in Utah and is committed to being a leader in the areas of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, dependable governance and enduring value.

For more information about the Parleys Canyon project visit For further inquiries on the Parleys I-80 South Quarry small mine air permit application, please contact Granite at [email protected].

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