Polydeck Offers POLYDEX Screen Media

Polydeck’s line of injection molded polyurethane media is its most versatile line of modular screen media. Whether it’s high microbial attacks, sticky material or specific application needs, POLYDEX can be customized so your plant processes more on-spec material.

With a variety of material formulations, the highest number of aperture design options, and the ability to integrate performance enhancing features like dams and skid bars, POLYDEX is custom designed so you can reliably hit the material specs you need.

Polyurethane offers the most options, not only in terms of screen openings, but also in the integration of performance enhancing features like dams, restricted flow bars, skid bars, and deflectors. POLYDEX options are numerous, and are available for issues like high wear zones, pegging, bed depth creation, drainage rates and high open area. Ease of use of polyurethane media is a significant benefit for maintenance crews.

All polyurethane injection molded panels offer many inherent benefits such as superior quality, faster production rates, better dimensional consistency and with Polydeck’s internal tooling capabilities, new features or changes can be made quickly. Surface features are also injection molded into place, ensuring that they are uniform and stable parts of the screen media itself.

If you’re currently using some type of steel screen media, you know how much noise your screening operation makes. Polydeck polyurethane and rubber screen media can reduce that noise level by as much as 9 decibels, the company stated. That’s a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. That means plant personnel can work nearby for longer periods without damaging their hearing. And, if you have neighbors, think how happy less noise will make them.

Polydeck, https://polydeck.com

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