Permitting Update: Virginia

The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors discussed whether or not to allow the Frazier Quarry to expand operations to its land on Buttermilk Creek Road, according to WHSV.

The quarry’s potential new special use permit has been a hot topic for residents near Buttermilk Creek Road. It would allow the quarry to operate on its several acres of land in the area, which many residents say already has a major traffic problem.

Since the permit would allow the quarry to sell for 24 hours, seven days a week, neighbors said the traffic issue would worsen. They also worried the chance of accidents would increase, especially with more large trucks driving in and out of the area.

Residents also have concerns about noise and dust from blasting and crushing operations, and many wondered how noise limits would be enforced.

Read the full story at WHSV.

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