Liebherr USA Holds Earthmoving and Material Handling Sales and Training Seminar

Liebherr USA Co.’s earthmoving and material handling technology team held an on-site sales and training seminar in southeastern Virginia for both internal and external distribution network participants to receive extensive product knowledge and hands-on machine time featuring the bulk of the product segment’s offerings.

The event consisted of five classroom sessions for participants to learn extensive product information from Liebherr experts, followed by tours of the Liebherr USA headquarters and neighboring Liebherr Mining Equipment facility. 

The Liebherr team and all participants were then transported to a local Liebherr quarry to allow for seat time on a wide range of Liebherr’s earthmoving and material handling technology products.

“In a more and more digitalized world, in-person trainings continuously serve as the dynamic heartbeat of distribution networks, forging of connections, and conveying essential information about Liebherr earthmoving and material handling equipment,” noted Kai Friedrich, divisional director, earthmoving and material handling technology. “The value lies not only in the dissemination of knowledge, but also in the intangible magic of human interaction, sparking innovation and simply having a good time together.”

In the Classroom

The first half of this event provided all participants with five in-depth classroom sessions held by the Liebherr product management team based in the United States and Europe. Each session focused on a different earthmoving and material handling machine including crawler excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, material handlers, and the TA 230 articulated dump truck. 

Each session was run by two product managers who specialized in the featured machine providing in-depth knowledge to equip the distribution network participants with essential information about the equipment, thus enhancing their own sales forces.

Hands On

At the quarry, the whole product range was featured during the hands-on sessions including crawler excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, material handlers, and the TA 230 articulated dump truck. These hands-on sessions allowed participants to utilize what they learned in the classroom and put their new field knowledge into practice with Liebherr certified product managers on-site to support. This training also serves as a great opportunity for Liebherr’s distribution network to get seat time in a wide variety of Liebherr machines.

This was the first in-depth training on the TA-230 where participants were able to get under the hood and behind the wheel with our product experts on-site to explain the latest Liebherr technology. The Liebherr earthmoving and material handling technology team look forward to expanding this product line within the next decade.

Network. Operate. Execute

“This Sales and Product Seminar plays a vital role in empowering our dealer sales force with the essential tools and knowledge required for successfully selling Liebherr equipment. The event serves as a catalyst for the product management team to consistently furnish informative resources, comprehensive support, and continuous training to the dealer sales channels,” said Nick Rogers, general manager, product management and sales support. “We firmly believe that by developing a deeper comprehension of our product lines and their distinctive features, sales representatives will be better positioned to engage customers with confidence, presenting solutions that ensure optimal results.”

Throughout the event, each attendee was able to participate in industry networking opportunities with Liebherr staff as well as the rest of the distribution network. The team also held an on-site barbeque at the quarry with games and entertainment for participants to enjoy.

“Beyond the scope of training, the sales seminar fosters connections among dealerships nationwide, affording representatives the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and share effective solutions that have been employed to overcome challenges encountered in their daily operations,” noted Rogers.

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