Compelling – A Word All Leaders Must Fully Understand

The Ability To Inspire Others Is One Difference Between A Manager And A Leader. By Steve Schumacher Over my decades of consulting and coaching bosses in business I have worked with all types of personalities with various strengths and weaknesses. There have been different terms for those bosses – supervisor, manager, director, vice-president, general manager, etc.  In most cases, regardless…

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MAJOR Provides Support Through Free Virtual Training Series

MAJOR, a global manufacturer of high-performance wire screening media, offers aggregate and mining producers access to the company’s free virtual training series to help operations optimize efficiency and team learning amid the conditions caused by COVID-19. The on-demand webinars provide practical tips involving screen media, screen boxes and the screening process. Additionally, operations can request private virtual training sessions to…

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Learn Loaders with Jon Pardi

Oct. 1, 2019 – CASE Construction Equipment has partnered with ACM/CMA award-winning country artist Jon Pardi to launch a contest designed to recruit new operators to the construction industry. Contest winners will have the opportunity to learn how to operate equipment alongside the country music singer, who in addition to working construction in the past, has a passion for the industry…

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