Deister Heavy-Duty Dewatering Screens Deliver Cost-Efficient Processing

Deister heavy-duty dewatering screens deliver cost-efficient processing with deeper beds of material, and at higher tonnages, versus that of conventional dewatering screens. Additional centrifugal force ensures more tons per hour per square foot of screen area; and a deeper bed depth entraps more ultra-fine particles.

The optional Deister Hydro-Chamber design allows a shorter length screen unit to be used for a given feed rate of slurry. A smaller machine means less cost and a smaller footprint. Also, production can be increased without going to a larger machine by retrofitting a Deister Dewatering Screen with the Hydro-Chamber feature.

Deister dewatering screens handle numerous feed types including hydro-cyclone discharge, dredged sand, sand screw overflow, sand screw discharge, coal fines, settling pond fines, wash screen underflow, and shredded recyclables.

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