Global Cloud Fleet Launches 5-Channel VS900 Dashcam Powered By AI

Global Cloud Fleet, a provider of fleet management and safety technology, has released its newest AI-powered dashcam. The VS900 supports up to five cameras, offers Artificial Intelligence(AI) monitoring of both the driver and road, and produces a live video stream that fleet managers can access on demand.

The advanced VS900 expands upon the capabilities of Global Cloud Fleet’s current robust AI dashcam, the VS800, which helps fleet operators nationwide lower their insurance costs. As a more comprehensive solution, the company’s VS900 empowers fleet administrators of all kinds – including construction equipment haulers, utility trucks, freight trucks and more – to maximize the safety of their drivers and vehicles.

The VS900 includes these premium features:

1) Sophisticated AI provides both driver- and road-facing monitoring. The VS900 records road conditions and drivers themselves whenever the vehicle is in use, leveraging AI to intelligently determine which events to report. Fleet managers can easily retrieve stored video footage, which can then be used to investigate incidents, resolve disputes and improve driver behavior.

2) Real-time driver alerts help prevent accidents. The dashcam gives immediate feedback through an in-cabin alarm if its AI detects drivers exhibiting high-risk behavior, such as falling asleep, not wearing their seatbelt, harsh braking or acceleration, tailgating, texting, or smoking. The VS900 also alerts drivers to hazardous weather and road conditions, so they can make adjustments quickly before a collision occurs.

3) Instant fleet manager notifications give insight into driver behavior. The system automatically uploads video of each safety concern and notifies the fleet administrator, so he or she can address actions that would have previously gone unnoticed.

4) Five-channel support enables all-around visibility. In addition to cabin-and road-facing cameras, the VS900 supports high-resolution left- and right-side cameras plus a rear camera for 360-degree viewing. Full visibility of their surroundings will help drivers prevent collisions. However, if one occurs, fleet companies will have video recordings from all angles to defend themselves.

5) Live video stream offers on-demand access to fleet managers. At any time, managers can patch into a live video and audio stream of the vehicle cameras. This is especially useful if they receive an automatic notification and want to see what’s happening right away. Driver report cards also give fleet administrators detailed insight into driver performance, paving the way for proactive coaching to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

“One of the most exciting applications of artificial intelligence is its ability to make transportation safer. We developed the VS900 with even more advanced AI and machine learning than before – promoting safe driving practices and protecting the roads for everyone,” said Diego Tebaldi, chief operating officer at Global Cloud Fleet. “We are proud that the VS900 not only reduces the risk of collisions, but also helps companies defend themselves from false allegations should an accident occur. Through its intelligent monitoring and proactive feedback system, the VS900 can save fleet companies significant costs on insurance premiums, as well as maintenance and fuel consumption.”

Global Cloud Fleet,

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