HCSS Announces Partnership with Bulk Exchange

HCSS, a provider of construction software for estimating, field entry, project management, safety, digital plans, fleet management and telematics, announced its partnership with Bulk Exchange, an online marketplace where contractors and construction professionals can easily find bulk construction materials and dumpsites. 

Bulk Exchange will integrate with HeavyBid, enabling customers to conduct more accurate bidding around the materials sourcing process and get instant materials pricing estimates for the first time ever.

“HeavyBid is known as the flagship product when it comes to estimating within the heavy civil construction industry,” said Paul Foley, co-founder and CEO at Bulk Exchange. “HCSS’s national reach opens up new markets for Bulk Exchange, enabling future growth.”

Bulk Exchange empowers estimators by increasing visibility around available materials. This partnership will also allow Bulk Exchange customers to instantly upload their RFPs to HCSS HeavyBid and their preferred suppliers for a quick and accurate response.

“Bulk Exchange is at an early and exciting stage of their growth,” said Rateb Almasri, senior product manager of Partnerships & GTM at HCSS. “Their agility as an organization allows them to respond to customer feedback efficiently, making them a dynamic partner to collaborate with and one that’s aligned with our customer-centered approach.”

“Bulk Exchange couldn’t imagine a better partner than HCSS to integrate with to help bring our solution to the industry, for the benefit of all,” said Dustin Liebman, co-founder of Bulk Exchange.

To explore complementary products and solutions to the HCSS suite of construction software solutions visit HCSS Marketplace at https://marketplace.hcssapps.com. To learn about becoming a HCSS Marketplace partner company, visit www.hcss.com/partners.

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