HCSS Partners with OnStation to Improve Location-Based Documentation

HCSS, a provider of software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline their operations, announced an integration with OnStation. 

This leading digital stationing platform provides location-based documentation for roadway builders. With OnStation integrated with HCSS HeavyJob, clients receive location-based field documentation (notes, pictures, videos) from along a roadway for design and construction purposes. Project-specific documentation dramatically improves the accuracy of bills, ensuring HCSS customers get paid the right amount, on time, with less effort.

“HCSS is a major player in the construction software industry, and we were introduced to them from another vendor in our space,” said Patrick Russo, OnStation CEO. “One of their customers wanted to capture data into HCSS HeavyJob and create a single source of the truth so that they could get paid faster. We reached out to HCSS and now can gladly help this customer and other customers with this integration that brings the power of automation to daily dairies.”

“Partnering with OnStation provides several benefits to HCSS and its clients,” said Rateb Almasri, product manager at HCSS. “First, the OnStation app has been field-tested and validated. Questions regarding the accuracy of bills are greatly reduced when contractor billing teams can validate and reference project-specific documentation that includes date, time, and station/offset stamps. Better documentation results in more bills being approved and paid faster.”

OnStation has developed an innovative way to capture project communication at a specific location on a job to be used for project records. OnStation records and organizes hundreds of project-related conversations that occur on the job every week. 

These conversations can be added to notes with text, pictures, and video, helping workers to collaborate and solve issues faster. The tool accurately displays design linework and locates assets along the roadway. With OnStation integrated with HCSS HeavyJob, contractors gain value by annotating pictures with more details and notes and connecting this information to project plans.

HCSS, www.hcss.com

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