Cat Track Drill Features 18 Percent More Power

Caterpillar offers the new MD5150C Track Drill,

Caterpillar offers the new MD5150C Track Drill, the first of the C Series drills. The MD5150C delivers top-of-class power and high airflow for fast, efficient drilling of holes from 4 in. (101.6 mm) to 6 in. (152 mm) in diameter. The MD5150C offers a choice of three different rock drills, patented carousel rod changer, ergonomic cab and many other features that boost productivity and reduce operating costs, according to the company.

Compared to the MD5125, which the MD5150C will replace, the new drill has 18 percent more power, a compressor that can deliver 33 percent more air volume and 40 percent more air pressure, 19 percent faster tram speed and 40 percent greater ground clearance.

High reliability, long life and low ownership costs characterize the MD5150C rock drill. With less than half as many moving parts as competitive rock drills, it is a simple, reliable design that offers dependable performance and exceptional durability. Caterpillar is the only manufacturer offering rock drills designed to be serviced on site – to reduce downtime and control costs.

Service doesn’t require a clean room, and there’s no need to incur freight costs to ship the rock drill to the OEM for maintenance or to keep a spare rock drill in stock to accommodate maintenance downtime.

The rock drill also features an automated lube system, which eliminates the need to stop the machine for manual greasing every two hours. Three different rock drill choices enable matching the selection to the application to achieve the highest production rate.

The standard rock drill on the MD5150C is the HPR5128, which uses 51-mm drill steel. Also available are the HPR6832 Rock Drill, which can use 68-mm speed rod, and the HPR6030 designed for 60-mm drill steel.

The MD5150C dramatically reduces setup time, thanks to its innovative carousel rod changer, the company said. The system holds six rods and accommodates two lengths and multiple diameters of drill steel. Powerful dual-rod grippers and a unique gate design let the rod and gate move simultaneously, reducing cycle time. The rod changer is supported by a sturdy feed and heavy-duty 9-ft. (2.7-m) boom that extends to 11 ft. (3.3 m) for larger pattern coverage with fewer setups.

Joy Global, the new P&H 285XPC Joy Global Rotary Blasthole Drill Features Expanded Visibility

Joy Global has added to its rotary blasthole drill product offering to provide a wider range of solutions for hard rock applications. The new P&H 285XPC provides up to 53,524 kg (118,000 lb.) of bit loading specifically designed for 270 and 311 mm (10 5/8-in. and 12 ¼-in.) diameter holes.

“This new drill will carry on the P&H legacy for durability,” said Eric Wilkinson, product manager. “It will feature the same powerful propel structures and robust pulldown systems as our other P&H drills.”

The new drill also features the Universal Drill Cab (UDC) utilized on other P&H drills. This commonality of controls will allow experienced operators to quickly and easily transition to a P&H 285XPC.

The UDC provides the operator with a clear, unobstructed view of the drilling area and the surrounding environment. Its expansive windows and video cameras provide the best visibility in the industry and ensure that the operator is able to maintain complete situational awareness while drilling and propelling. Additionally, the FOPS Level II certified structure combined with shatter-resistant glass protects the operator from harsh mining conditions.
Joy Global,


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