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Hybrid Machines, Underground Iron, New Excavators, Telematics, Ergonomics And More.

By Mark S. Kuhar

It’s a whole new ballgame when it comes to loading and hauling. Manufacturers are embracing the rapidly evolving world of high-tech digging in the dirt. Here are some of the latest developments.

CASE Construction Equipment has joined forces with Berco, a leading manufacturer of undercarriage components, on an expanded supplier agreement to bring you the All Makes Undercarriage Program. This collaboration takes the CASE dealer network to new heights. Together with its sister CNH Industrial brands, CASE is now the largest distributor of Berco products in North America.

With the All Makes Undercarriage Program, equipment owners can get quality, competitively priced undercarriage parts for all makes and models, including replacement options for non-CASE machines. Berco allows customers to order any size component in any quantity, and customize track groups and track chains made to order.

Berco’s product lines are engineered to deliver undercarriage solutions for heavy-duty or general-duty applications from track groups, chains and track shoes to rollers, idlers, sprockets and segment groups. No matter what equipment you’re running, a CASE dealer can connect you with the undercarriage replacement parts you need.

The monitoring and repair of the undercarriage can represent up to 60% of the maintenance costs for tracked machines. Through its extensive dealer network, CASE is helping customers be proactive in their undercarriage performance through parts, service and tailored solutions like the new CASE TrackCare undercarriage wear measuring program. CASE TrackCare allows customers to partner with their dealers on a proactive approach to undercarriage monitoring and maintenance.

Contact your local CASE dealer for more details about the All Makes Undercarriage Program and CASE TrackCare.

CASE, www.casece.com

Built on the platform of its most popular underground loaders, the new R2900 XE is the first Cat diesel electric underground LHD. It’s a productive, powerful, reliable machine built to meet the underground mining industry’s need for bigger payloads, faster loading and reduced emissions, according to the company.

Its powerful diesel electric drive engine is EU Stage V compliant, and it offers the power to match its class-leading 18.5-tonne. The R2900 XE is highly productive, with smooth and quick machine responses combined with improved digging and tramming performance. Employing electric drive components reduces fuel burn and improves productivity – helping mines reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Benefits include:

  • Superior Productivity – Thanks to a number of new and improved features, the R2900 XE delivers a +20% increase in productivity (compared to R2900G).
  • Greater Than 35% Improved Lift Breakout Force – The R2900 XE employs a high-efficiency electric drive system and is powered by a quiet, reliable and durable Cat C15 engine.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair – A number of features and improvements contribute to ensuring the R2900 XE is easier and less expensive to maintain, driving down cost per ton and increasing availability.

Caterpillar, www.cat.com

DEVELON offers the new DX225LC-7X, its first electronically controlled crawler excavator. The system enables advanced machine guidance and machine control systems – including 2D grading for accurate earthmoving and grading work.

The DX225LC-7X offers superior hydraulics and a strong workgroup to deliver ample power and durability to the arm and bucket, maximizing lifting capability.

An optional dozer blade and the standard counterweight design provide strength and stability. Operators can also activate the tiltrotator mode for enhanced precision when using a tiltrotator accessory.

Added comfort features include improved heating and cooling with an optional heated/cooled seat, easy-to-use joystick controls, a rearview camera, Smart Touch screen and optional 360-degree around view monitor (AVM) camera system.

DEVELON, https://na.develon-ce.com/en

John Deere
New to the market, John Deere introduced the 444 G-Tier Wheel Loader as part of its performance tiering strategy, offering customers a model that provides reliability without the extras that they would find in a P-Tier or X-Tier machine.

The versatility and ruggedness of the 444 G-Tier are similar to the previously introduced 544 and 644 G-Tier machines, but at a lower operating weight and smaller size. This latest addition to the wheel loader lineup aims to cater to the segment of the construction market that values simplicity and reliability and serves as a response to the demand for more economically priced wheel loader options that don’t compromise on quality and durability.

“Our customers are always seeking the perfect solutions to meet their needs, and the introduction of the 444 G-Tier was a direct response to the demand for reliable and more economical options within our lineup of wheel loaders,” said Drew Miller, global product manager, wheel loaders, John Deere. “This model not only comes in at an attractive price point, but it was also designed to perform and deliver the same durability and power customers expect from a John Deere machine.”

While offering a competitive price point, the 444 G-Tier still offers similar productivity as other models in its size class, including the 444 P-Tier Wheel Loader and industry leaders in its category. Among its standout features, the 444 G-Tier can be equipped with optional high-lift, expanding the reach of the machine.

The optional debris package, which comes equipped with a centrifugal air precleaner and an auto reversing fan, helps reduce downtime by enabling the operator to stay up and running on the job without pausing to remove job site debris. This model also boasts protective transmission and bottom guards, which are specifically designed to fend off debris and ensure the machine’s longevity.

The stacked cooling package, with the hinged door for cleanout, can be set to automatically reverse at regular intervals, making for simplified maintenance. Additionally, operators will benefit from the ground-level access on the machine’s left side, making refills of major fluids, fuel and DEF straightforward and simple. This loader also boasts clear visibility for both transmission and hydraulic sight gauges, enhancing access to important components when needed. Further enhancing its user-friendly design, there is dedicated right-side access to the machine’s engine, after-treatment systems and the cooling system.

With the operator’s ease of use and machine versatility at the forefront of its design, the 444 G-Tier is packed with familiar creature comforts. The cab, strategically crafted with ergonomic considerations, comes with adjustable controls, added floor storage space and a joystick with integrated forward, neutral, reverse controls, helping to ensure maximum comfort and ease during operation.

For those seeking an added touch of comfort, optional air-ride suspension seat and ride control features help elevate the operator experience on the job. On the versatility front, the machine doesn’t fall short either. The 444 G-Tier can be equipped with a range of attachment options, from snow blades to grapples, ensuring adaptability across different tasks and applications. Lastly, the in-cab adjustable boom settings help streamline operations, especially when performing repetitive tasks.

The new 444 G-Tier Wheel Loader, as well as the full lineup of John Deere construction equipment, is backed by John Deere and its renowned network of dealers. Also helping to keep the job running smoothly, the 444 G-Tier features JDLink in base, which enables access to service advisor remote and expert alerts, as well as support from trained technicians and access to replacement parts when needed.

Deere & Company, www.JohnDeere.com

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas
Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas filled out its ZAXIS-7 line of medium and large excavators with the ZX250LC-7, ZX300LC-7, ZX350LC-7, ZX490LC-7, ZX690LC-7 and ZX890LC-7. Ranging in operating weight from 58,433 to 192,938 lb. (26,500 to 87,500 kg), these excavators include upgraded features that enhance operator comfort, visibility, fuel efficiency, durability and productivity.

“The new ZX-7 generation of mid- to large-sized excavators features an array of new features and benefits to exceed the high standards set by our customers. These excavators have been engineered to be straightforward, effective and productive for the operator while providing an extremely high level of comfort,” said Patrick Baker, product manager for medium and large excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

Comfort was a priority when redesigning the operator station. The ZAXIS-7 cab is larger with less vibration and noise for an improved operating experience and reduced operator fatigue. The cab features increased head clearance and leg room with a one-touch adjustable air suspension seat synchronized to move with the console for simplified adjustments. This console features an ergonomic layout with intuitive controls for operator convenience and enhanced visibility on the right side of the cab.

Noise has been minimized by increasing the thickness of the rear glass. A seal has been added between the cab and floor plate. This improves the airtightness of the cab to keep dust out, even when the air conditioner is running. Four fluid-filled elastic cab mounts reduce vibration when traveling.

Panoramic visibility from the operator’s seat helps create a safe working environment. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas takes this a step further with its Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system. It provides five different camera views from inside the cab on an 8-in. (20.32-cm) anti-glare LCD monitor, including a wide 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the machine’s immediate environment. The operator can quickly and easily select a view on the monitor that best suits the situation. A rearview camera allows the operator to see the area right below the counterweight.

“These excavators showcase next-generation hydraulic systems paired with reliable Isuzu engines to provide increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption. The new ZX-7 excavators are reliable and built to perform in the toughest working conditions,” said Baker.

Models ranging from the ZX130-7 through ZX890LC-7 use a TRIAS III, TRIAS II or HIOS V hydraulic system solution, depending on which best matches the excavator’s size and application.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas, hitachicm.us

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas
Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas introduced its largest-capacity wheel loader model, the HL985A.

As the largest model in Hyundai’s A-Series wheel loader product line, the new Hyundai HL985A wheel loader offers a standard bucket capacity of 9.1 cu. yd. (7.0 cu. meters) for use in high-production jobs such as quarrying, aggregates and other mass-volume material handling applications.

“We refer to the HL985A as a ‘true two-pass’ wheel loader because it can fill one of our HA30 articulated dump trucks with two bucket loads,” said Joe Turnage, senior product manager, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “With the addition of the HL985A, the Hyundai wheel loader line includes models that fulfill the needs of every important wheel loader application. At the same time, like every A-Series wheel loader model, the new Hyundai HL985A provides the combination of power, performance, fuel efficiency, and operator safety and comfort that successful contractors expect from Hyundai.”

The Hyundai HL985A wheel loader is powered by a 430-hp (320-kW) Cummins X12 Performance Series engine, delivering optimum power and torque, while being highly fuel efficient and meeting Tier 4 Final and Stage 5 emissions standards. “Our customers tell us they appreciate that our A-Series wheel loaders do not use Exhaust Gas Recirculation because it is not necessary to do periodic shut-downs,” said Turnage.

Heavy-duty ZF axles with wet outboard brakes and with coolers are standard equipment on the HL985, which is powered by a ZF 5-speed transmission.

The Hyundai HL985A offers a range of advanced standard features. For example, Smart Power Mode reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the engine speed in heavy-duty applications. This can save fuel while also balancing traction and breakout forces for greater productivity.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, www.hceamericas.com

Komatsu introduced the new GD955-7 motor grader to the North American market. The GD955-7 offers operators the control and precision needed to build and maintain haul roads for truck fleets of 100 tons and up and is an important addition to Komatsu’s motor grader lineup.

This powerful new machine stands out with its ample horsepower and powerful blade downforce pressure for efficient grading performance. With faster working travel speeds compared to the previous model, Komatsu engineered the GD955-7 to increase grading efficiency while helping reduce maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership.

Despite its large size, the GD955-7 offers excellent maneuverability. It can execute tight U-turns on a standard 100-ton class haul road without the need to fully cut the wheel or course correct. The long wheelbase and large, 27-degree articulation angle allow a tight turning radius and provide maneuverability for narrow haul road applications in confined spaces and around obstacles.

The newly adopted, long-life circle bearing allows for smooth and precise rotation of the moldboard while eliminating the need for circle play adjustments or replacing wear plates. Coupled with a standard auto-lubrication system, the GD955-7 is engineered to help reduce planned and unplanned maintenance downtime while helping to extend life to overhaul.

“With significant increases in operating weight, blade downforce pressure and working travel speeds, this new size class motor grader will be a smart choice for increased efficiency on our customer’s mine sites,” said Joseph Sollitt, director of mining support at Komatsu.

Komatsu, www.komatsu.com

Liebherr’s earthmoving and material handling team offers the L 580 XPower wheel loader and TA 230 articulated dump truck.

The XPower line of Liebherr wheel loaders incorporate a power-split transmission. This innovative travel drive provides maximum fuel-efficiency, reducing operating costs and environmental impact while delivering maximum performance. The XPower travel drive, in combination with the automatic self-locking differential, provides excellent traction and prevents the wheels from spinning. Productivity increases and tire wear is reduced.

Liebherr offers powerful wheel loaders in all size categories. With operating weights ranging from 29,000 to 72,000 lb., these machines can handle a variety of materials. Equipped with robust lift arm variants and industry-specific attachments, the wheel loaders are versatile and can be used for a multitude of job applications. These machines also offer optional assistance systems to support the operator’s daily work and job site safety precautions including active personnel selection, joystick teering system, and tire pressure monitoring.

The TA 230 articulated dump truck was developed for rugged off-road use. Its efficient drivetrain, permanent 6 x 6 all-wheel drive, reliable traction control and solid axle mounts enable the Liebherr dump truck to tackle any terrain. This means it can produce incredibly fast cycle times – regardless of whether it is on a large construction site, in a quarry or in a tunnel. The TA 230 was also designed for easy maintenance. A smart machine check-up and unhindered access to the entire engine bay minimizes daily maintenance work.

The new TA 230 ADT comes standard with a powerful 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 732 cu. in. (12 liters) and 355 hp (265 kW) comes standard in the TA 230 Litronic and is Tier 4f compliant. A robust and powerful drivetrain with automatic eight-speed powershift transmission ensures optimal force distribution. With the actively controlled longitudinal differential locks, automatic traction control is also available for the TA 230 Litronic. As soon as a slip occurs at an axle, the torque is transferred to the axle or axles with traction. The Liebherr articulated truck offers excellent driving performance and pulling force, even on the most challenging terrain.

The smallest Liebherr crawler excavator, the R 914 Compact, features a powerful diesel engine and particularly high break-out forces. The extraordinary sensitivity of the hydraulic system enables the driver to work with precision at high speeds, even when moving. And a short rear slewing radius of just 1.55 meters delivers greater safety for both operator and machine.

With more than 60 years of experience in the design and production of hydraulic crawler excavators, Liebherr is one of the major players in the manufacture of equipment for special applications including demolition, tunnel construction or handling as well as many other industry specific needs. Each is designed with one goal in mind, to meet the demands and specifications of our customers in terms of performance, reliability, and efficiency, as well as safety and comfort.

Liebherr, www.liebherr.com

LiuGong touts its newest battery electric wheel loader for the North American market, the LiuGong 856H-E MAX wheel loader

“The industry is talking about battery electric vehicles at a greater volume than in years past, particularly going into the show,” said Andrew Ryan, president, LiuGong North America. “LiuGong is the world’s largest manufacturer of wheel loaders, so it makes sense for our company to lead the industry in the adoption and application of battery technology.”

The 856H-E MAX has already proven its reliability in the field, with more than 2,000 electric wheel loaders operating in the world’s toughest conditions as of October 2022, and exponential growth expected. Its reliability is reinforced by the IP67-rated wiring harness and waterproof integrated battery package. All of that is backed by a standard five-year or 10,000-hour warranty for battery, motor and controller.

The 856H-E MAX battery electric vehicle thrives in work sites where traditional combustion engines aren’t allowed, or in fixed site operations where investments in charging infrastructure make sense.

In addition to making work easier, the new electric technologies are also environmentally conscious while offering a competitive total cost of ownership. The 856H-E MAX consumes zero fuel, produces zero emissions and creates significantly lower noise and vibrations.

The 856H-E MAX features intelligent controls and a human-centric design for a superior operator experience. This includes load-sensing hydraulics, an EAT700 transmission with electro-proportional valve for fast, smooth shifting and independent control of the dual-motor drive for maximum hydraulic lift.

LiuGong, www.liugongna.com

The SW405K from Sany features a reinforced structural design that’s built to take on the toughest work, including heavy-duty mining operations. It offers an impressive service life reaching 10,000 hours and boasts SANY-LIVE Telematics to help keep track of performance and service needs.

The high-pressure, load sensing hydraulics provide a balance of speed and power while offering 10 to 15% reductions in energy usage, and the Z-bar linkage design delivers 40,466 lb. of breakout force.

  • The 228-net hp with almost 40,000 lb. of breakout force and bucket capacity of 4 cu. yd.
  • Tight turning radius coupled with fast cycle times with return to dig functionality means you’ll spend more time working and less time maneuvering.
  • Keep more material in the bucket with the SANY boom suspension.
  • Time-tested components such as the Eaton load sensing steering valve, Dana axles and brakes and Kawasaki pumps.

Sany, www.sanyamerica.com

Volvo CE
Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) updated L350H wheel loader comes complete with a host of upgrades that will give customers greater productivity and fuel efficiency with lower service costs in a machine designed for a range of heavy-duty applications.

“For decades, the L350 has been our flagship loader,” said Eric Yeomans, product manager, wheel loaders, Volvo CE. “We’ve taken a tried-and-true machine and built upon the features that have made it one our customers rely on day after day. These upgrades make it even more efficient and productive.”

One of the more notable improvements on the updated L350H wheel loader is a more responsive hydraulics system featuring new lift and tilt cylinders, and an increased hydraulic working pressure for 10% faster work cycles and higher productivity.

The upgraded driveline features new Volvo axles and an all-new Volvo transmission, which enables the third-generation OptiShift to be equipped as standard. Already found on Volvo L110H to L260H wheel loaders, this proven technology integrates the Reverse By Braking function and the lock-up function in transmission to boost fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

Efficiency is further enhanced by an optimized gear shifting ratio and a new converter that delivers outputs of up to 22% more tractive force depending on the selected gear and machine speed. The machine also boasts an even tougher form with a more robust upper center hinge bearing and updated frames to accommodate the new axles and transmission.

The L350H comes equipped for heavy-duty applications as standard, thanks to the proven Z-bar lifting arm with double sealing on each of the pins, and strong frame structure, which is joined by a reinforced upper center hinge and new Volvo axles. Customers can take advantage of specialized packages that come with specific features for log loading, rock loading, rehandling, block handling or slag handling.

The updates also include extended service intervals that increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs. The engine service interval has doubled to 1,000 hours, and axle oil change intervals have been extended to 4,000 hours thanks to an axle oil cooler with filtration fitted as standard.

Customers can further minimize machine downtime and increase component life with durable features that include heavy-duty axles with fully floating shafts, planetary hub reduction and maintenance-free rear axle trunnion bearings.

Productivity features like the Load Assist suite of apps that are accessed from the in-cab Volvo Co- Pilot display further improve efficiency and uptime. The optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System enables the pressure and temperature of the tires to be checked from the comfort of the cab; this extends tire life and saves on fuel consumption. The On-Board Weighing app provides real-time insight into the load of the bucket and payload of the load receiver. And the Operator Coaching app provides real-time information and guidance to operators, helping them deliver optimum productivity while cutting back on fuel use and machine wear.

Volvo, www.volvoce.com

Top 3 Benefits of Custom Truck Bodies
Haul trucks in quarries run around the clock. Each day, operators load and unload countless amounts of aggregate in relatively similar-looking trucks. They all may have the same goals – increase payload and decrease downtime – but the outcome in each quarry depends on the truck body.

High-performance, aggregate-specific truck bodies address three major areas: truck capacity, carryback and lifespan.

Optimized Hauling – Trucks have a finite carrying capacity, part of which is the machine weight. High-performance body manufacturers optimize the design to maximize truck-hauling capacity and provide the highest possible payload. Some even use a process to remove unnecessary steel to reduce weight, increasing productivity and contributing to a fully utilized capacity.

Decreased Carryback – Aggregate-and-soil-mixed payloads often become sticky and build up in truck bodies, eating away at total hauling capacity. However, some custom bodies repel moisture. Engineers also design key parts of custom bodies, specifically in areas where carryback traditionally begins, to reduce the likelihood that material will build up.

Improved Lifespan – Customizing haul truck bodies to the quarry’s specifications greatly reduces the potential for loading damage by pairing the body’s dimensions with the loading tool. Custom truck bodies also offer well-balanced weight distribution, which improves the life of truck bodies and tires by reducing the potential for uneven wear. Intersecting bolsters and frame rails offer support against the immense weight of quarried materials, keeping the payload at maximum capacity. When coupled with some of the strongest steel in the world, custom bodies can increase the life of the truck by 25 to 30%.

Evaluating processes and making changes that potentially boost success rates, improve efficiency and reduce costs should be first on the list of any operation. In the case of quarries, custom, durable machines increase productivity and decrease maintenance downtime and carryback potential, all while increasing a truck’s life.

Source: Josh Swank, vice president of sales and marketing, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.


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