Orica, Caterpillar Announce Technology Collaboration

Information can be further enriched by integrating unconfined compressive strength information produced by Orica’s drill string-mounted RHINO sensor.

Orica and Caterpillar are teaming up to improve real-time data exchange and develop integrated workflows across the mining value chain. The collaboration is aimed at providing customers with intelligence to improve decision-making and optimize their entire operations.

The mining industry has started to unlock the potential of combining data, sensors, and intelligence to optimize workflows for real-time decision making and value chain optimization. Digitally integrated workflows enable customers to achieve a step change in safety, productivity, recovery and sustainability outcomes for their operations.

To realize the full potential across the entire value chain, technology domain leaders, customers and academia need to increase collaboration in an open ecosystem to develop integrated, end-to-end operational workflows which link orebody intelligence, drilling and blasting, material characterization and processing.

Orica and Caterpillar have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore opportunities to integrate key elements of their respective domains. The initial focus will be on the integration between Orica’s Rhino, BlastIQ, FRAGTrack and Cat MineStar Terrain technologies. This integrated workflow will provide customers with high-fidelity rock property information enabling significant improvements to on-bench safety, drilling and blasting program accuracy and productivity, higher quality blast outcomes that generate enhanced mill performance.

FRAGTrack Orica’s advanced vision technology when mounted on shovels and integrated to Cat Terrain or deployed across belt conveyors, can generate accurate fragmentation size distributions for use in optimizing blast designs and outcomes, leading to improved machine productivity and enhanced mill performance.

In the future, the two companies intend to extend their collaboration to optimization of the entire value chain, from mine to mill. This approach aligns with both organizations’ ambitions to create sustainable solutions and services that will build the momentum for more intelligent and solution-driven mining ecosystem.

Sean McGinnis, vice president of technology and global sales support, Caterpillar, commented, “Our customers are looking for every opportunity to optimize the productivity and safety of their mining and processing operations. By combining and leveraging the insights unlocked by Orica and Caterpillar’s technologies, we will be able to provide customers greater access and visibility to the data and information they need to make, better real-time business decisions.”

Rajkumar Mathiravedu, vice president of Orica digital solutions, said, “The mining industry requires greater collaboration amongst its leading technology players to build connected workflows across different domains to address the current issue of value-leakage arising from traditional and disconnected silos. Collaborative end-to-end ecosystems are critical to harnessing the full potential of advances in sensors, data processing and intelligence to enable the development of safer, more sustainable, and productive methods of resource recovery.

“Orica Digital Solutions is excited to be working with Caterpillar across a range of domains as we aim to better connect the digital and physical worlds to give our customers more timely and actionable insights across their value chains,” he concluded.

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