Mississippi Lime Launches New Global Brand Platform

Mississippi Lime Co. has launched a new global brand platform and will begin operating under the name MLC. The transformation of the company’s identity reflects MLC’s progress as an international lime solutions partner with an unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability and service.  

“MLC has been a trusted partner in lime for over a century. Our customers rely on us to deliver high-quality calcium products while achieving the highest level of responsible production, reliable service and agility. Our new brand represents an inflection in our trajectory — defined by a growing international footprint, continuous improvement and innovation,” said Paul Hogan, MLC president and CEO.

The family-owned company has built a reputation on the “unmatched quality of its products and a tradition of exceptional service,” the company stated. In recent years, MLC’s growth strategy has focused on significant long-term investments for portfolio expansion, infrastructure development and technological advancement. These investments have increased MLC’s capabilities to help customers in critical industries reduce risk, meet sustainability goals and drive competitive advantage.  

In 2022, MLC expanded its global reach and offerings with the acquisition of Singleton Birch, the largest independent lime supplier in the United Kingdom, based in Melton Ross.  

“The new MLC brand is about keeping true to our customers, our history and our values, but it’s also about adapting for the future, and we’re proud to be part of it,” said Richard Stansfield, CEO of Singleton Birch, an MLC company. “This new identity will enable Singleton Birch to build on our reputation for quality and service in the markets we serve, while bringing our business and MLC together into a stronger, more cohesive organization and market presence committed to the future.”

The brand evolution of MLC gives the company a platform to cultivate and promote its key strengths in the global market, including reliable and efficient logistics, value-added services and the industry’s broadest product range, delivered in ways that are environmentally, socially and ethically responsible. These attributes are vital for customers in critical sectors that depend on lime for essential performance — such as steel, transportation, battery minerals, foods, beverages, construction, chemicals, energy, glass, polymers and water treatment. 

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