AEM Launches Online Safety Toolkit for Off-Highway Industries

In a move to bolster safety across the off-highway equipment industries, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) introduced a free online safety toolkit tailored to promote safety awareness, education and training for operators of off-highway equipment used in the construction, agriculture, utility, mining, and forestry sectors.  

 AEM’s Safety Toolkit delivers a comprehensive suite of resources aimed at enhancing safety awareness, education, and training including:  

  • Digital Safety Manuals – Access extensive consensus documents vetted by industry committees, providing invaluable insights into best practices. While they serve as excellent references, they complement, they do not replace OEMs’ original documentation or printed safety manuals which may be required in the machine.
  • Action Plans – Dive into interactive learning modules sourced from AEM safety manuals, guiding users through on-site equipment operation best practices.
  • Insightful Articles – Stay informed with the latest news, best practices, and industry insights through AEM’s rich repository of articles, updated regularly.
  • Training Resources – Equip your toolbox talks and classrooms with downloadable training slides, educational materials, and AEM’s safety pictorial database, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.  

Jaime Vos, AEM’s senior director of cultural innovation, underscores the toolkit’s significance: “Our online safety resources build upon AEM’s 50-year legacy of promoting safety. And now we are making these valuable resources available through an online toolkit, making it easier for equipment operators to reference our safety manuals and the full range of our safety training and education materials.”  

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