Maptek Introduces GeoSpatial Manager

At GeoWeek in Denver, Maptek introduced its latest innovation: Maptek GeoSpatial Manager. This groundbreaking solution brings simplicity and efficiency to your workflow, revolutionizing the way mining and civil engineering projects handle data from laser scans and drones.

GeoSpatial Manager effortlessly connects users with real-time updates for surveyed surfaces. Its smart visualization tools and user-friendly interface redefine how you interact with as-built surfaces, enabling seamless collaboration and accessibility for all project teams within an organization through a convenient web interface.

GeoSpatial Manager dynamically updates surfaces, allowing users to manage, visualize, and download any as-built surface at any given point in time throughout the project lifecycle. “Customers can say goodbye to the challenges of managing vast volumes of survey data,” said Global Strategy Manager Jason Richards.

GeoSpatial Manager automatically updates as-built surfaces when new data is imported. Centralized storage on a cloud or network server avoids uncertainty around locating survey files that may be stored in various folders on a local or server machine.
“Having the latest data at your fingertips eliminates the risk of using outdated surfaces for critical design work,” said Richards.

GeoSpatial Manager allows users to review surfaces for specified dates and times, providing clarity on an operation’s current state and key historical stages.

“We see improved collaboration and understanding. GeoSpatial Manager bridges the gap between data and value,” Richards said.

Customers will be able to send surface data to other Maptek products knowing that GeoSpatial Manager provides the single source of truth for multiple systems. This interoperability harnesses the power of the Maptek ecosystem and streamlines project management.

Having all team members working within the same framework enhances communication and workflow. A cost-effective single license covers unlimited users across your organization, creating flexibility for changes in team size without license adjustments.

GeoSpatial Manager is not just a product, it’s a game-changer. Experience the future of surveyed surface management with Maptek. Embrace efficiency, collaboration and clarity like never before, the company stated.


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