Maptek Delivers Vulcan Version 10.1

Mining technology developer Maptek released Vulcan version 10.1, together with Eureka version 4.0. Both are accessed and operated through the Maptek Workbench, offering users the first installment of a continuum of integrated technical software applications, data and workflows dedicated to mine planning, measurement and operations.

Vulcan has led the field of geological modeling and mine planning for almost 40 years. Vulcan 10.1 features new functionality to streamline design and planning, optimize drilling and blasting, and improve reporting and analysis.

Maptek continues to develop Eureka as a dedicated exploration, drilling and geophysical analysis package for visualizing and interrogating 3D spatial data associated with mining and exploration projects.

Maptek solutions bring together the huge amount of technical and geological data around orebody evaluation, mine planning and design, mining process and performance measurement and monitoring. Delivering reliable information across the entire mining value chain allows planning and operational decisions to be made with confidence.

“A mining operation is a complex environment with many processes, equipment and plans needing to work together for objectives to be met,” said General Manager Peter Johnson. “Considering a single technical process or discipline in isolation is missing the point. Integrating our solutions through the Maptek Workbench enables us to develop a holistic mining technical ecosystem that will revolutionize the way mines are planned, operated and measured. Maptek has the advantage of domain knowledge, technical expertise and engineering resources to leverage development of integrated solutions across the spectrum of data that needs to be considered when planning and executing mining operations.

“This release marks one more step in our development plan to help operations better manage integrated technical data analysis across their mines,” Johnson continued. “Disparate data is rapidly transformed into relevant knowledge which can be applied in a targeted manner for immediate impact on productivity. We’ve concentrated on automated workflows and optimized algorithms to keep the right information circulating within the mining cycle, and close the loop between planning, production and results.

“The Maptek Technology Roadmap outlines key steps in our technology development plan for the next five years,” concluded Johnson. “Customers can be confident that Maptek will embrace emerging technologies and platforms, and explore new ways to enhance the success of our customers’ business.”

The release of Eureka as a Maptek Workbench application allows closer data sharing with Vulcan design and modeling applications. I-Site Studio and BlastLogic will join the suite of applications on Maptek Workbench during 2017, with Evolution to follow.


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