Flexco Introduces the Belt Edge Protector

Flexco recently announced the addition of the Belt Edge Protector to its line of light duty belt accessories. When attached to the side wall of a conveyor system, it effectively manages the workflow of products from chute to belt by preventing packages from jamming under the receiving belt.

Much like many other Flexco belt accessory products, the Belt Edge Protector features a seamless installation process. The protectors have been engineered to be fastened quickly to the side wall of the conveyor system with an available Install Kit that minimizes unnecessary downtime.

“The Belt Edge Protector is an ideal solution for many in the light-duty logistics sector,” according to Flexco Product Manager Ryan Jackson. “Once installed, packages are less susceptible to slipping beneath the belt at the transfer point, reducing belt jams and product loss, increasing throughput, and decreasing worker exposure to a running system.”

Ideal for use in light-duty industries, the Flexco line of belt accessories are best utilized to navigate packages through the conveyor system while decreasing the likelihood of them becoming stuck or damaged.

In order to decide on the correct order quantity, users must determine the total length of conveyors to be protected, the number of Protector Kits required, and how many Install Kits are needed.

Flexco, www.flexco.com

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