USGS Releases Updated ‘Top 100 Producers Of Crushed Stone’

The U.S. Geological Survey just released its updated list of the “Top 100 Producers Of Crushed Stone In The United States.” The listing includes data available through Oct. 31, 2023. In descending order of tonnage produced, the top 100 companies, based on final 2022 production numbers are:

11Vulcan Materials Co.51403M Co.
22Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.5262GCC SAB de CV
33CRH Americas Materials, Inc.5349United States Lime and Minerals, Inc.
44Heidelberg Materials5453Graniterock Co.
55Holcim US5561Haydon Materials, LLC
66CEMEX USA5656Lannon Stone Products, Inc.
77Rogers Group, Inc.5751Capital Materials
88Carmeuse Americas5863The DePaul Group
910Summit Materials, Inc.5960ISP Minerals, Inc.
109Lhoist North America, Inc.6059Youngquist Brothers Rock Inc.
1111Luck Stone Corp.6157B.V. Hedrick Gravel & Sand Co., Inc.
1212New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.6258Peckham Industries, Inc.
1315Vecellio & Grogan, Inc.6355Salem Stone Corp.
1413Dolese Bros. Co.6470Greer Industries, Inc.
1517Blue Water Industries6547Warren Paving, Inc.
1618National Lime & Stone Co.6671CSA Materials, Inc.
1714Buzzi Unicem USA Inc.6764BMC Aggregates L.C.
1816Eagle Materials Inc.6872Capitol Aggregates, Ltd.
1922Eucon Corp.6967The Vicat Group
2019Titan America LLC7069Great Lakes Aggregates LLC 
2120Knife River Corp.7148L. G. Everist, Inc.
2221The Olen Corp.7273Mathy Construction Co.
2325Colorado Materials, Ltd7366Higgins Asphalt Paving Co., Inc
2432Wake Stone Corp.7491Mitsubishi Cement Corp.
2524Texas Crushed Stone Co., Inc.7578O&G Industries, Inc.
2623The H&K Group76York Building Products
27New Frontier Materials7768Bruening Rock Products, Inc.
2828The Heritage Group7876Kerford Limestone Co.
2927CalPortland Co.7979Wendling Quarries Inc.
3031Aggregate Management, Inc.8077Bureau of Land Management
3134Argos USA LLC8182RiverStone Group, Inc.
3226Graymont Ltd.8284Palm Beach Aggregates, Inc.
3338The Melvin Stone Co.8365Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
3430Tower Rock Stone Co.8474Michels Corp.
3529Colas Inc.8590Minerals Technologies Inc.
3635Mississippi Lime Co.8694The Magruder Cos
3737Irving Materials, Inc.8796River Products Co., Inc.
3833Votorantim Cement North America8887Weldon Materials, Inc.
3952Snyder Associated Cos., Inc.89Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.
4036Argos USA LLC9085James D. Morrissey, Inc.
4143Allan Myers9186Chantilly Crushed Stone, Inc.
4239Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co.9295Hilltop Cos.
4342Anchor Stone Co.9375Junction City Mining Company, LLC
4489Sherwood Cos.94Casper Stolle Quarry/Falling Springs Quarry
4545Carolina Sunrock Corp.95Bedrock Resources
4641The Kraemer Co.9698Rockydale Quarries Corp.
4744McGeorge Contracting Co.97Hastie Mining
4850Las Vegas Paving Corp.98Kilauea Crushers
4946Schildberg Construction Co., Inc.99Jobe Materials L.P.
5054Albert Frei & Sons, Inc.10093Terra Firma Materials, LLC

Companies with no number listed in the 2021 column were not in the top 100 producers of crushed stone in the United States in 2021.

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