USGS Releases Updated ‘Top 100 Producers Of Construction Sand And Gravel’

The U.S. Geological Survey just released its updated list of the “Top 100 Producers Of Construction Sand And Gravel In The United States.” The listing includes data available through Oct. 31, 2023. In descending order of tonnage produced, the top 100 companies, based on final 2022 production numbers are:

11CRH Americas Materials, Inc.5165Northern Improvement Co.
22Vulcan Materials Co.5272Quikrete Co.
33Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.5349GS Materials, Inc.
44Knife River Corp.5469Benevento Cos.
59Summit Materials, Inc.5556BURNCO Rock Products Ltd
67CEMEX USA5648Dolese Bros. Co.
75Holcim US57Croell Redi-Mix
86Heidelberg Materials5852York Building Products
98Teichert, Inc.5960Stewart Materials, LLC
1011Argos USA LLC6050Memphis Stone & Gravel Co.  
1110Granite Construction, Inc.6159Chaney Enterprises L.P.
1212Mitsubishi Cement Corp.6262Strata Corp. 
1315CalPortland Co.6366The Heritage Group
1414WM. D. Scepaniak Construction6475Ames Construction
1513Clyde Cos., Inc. 6581Capitol Aggregates, Ltd.
1616Gila River Indian Community 6678Wright Materials, Inc. 
1719Bureau of Land Management6764A & S Construction Co.
1817Fisher Industries 6861Gateway Dredging & Contracting, LLC 
1920Colas Inc.6987Superstition Crushing, LLC
2018Chandler Aggregates, Inc. 7074Resolve Aggregates, LLC
2121L. G. Everist, Inc.7173Texas Aggregates
2225Nugent Sand Co.7236Mountain States Constructors, Inc.
2323Mathy Construction Co.7382Cretex Companies
2422Miles Sand & Gravel Co. 7468B.V. Hedrick Gravel & Sand Co., Inc.
2527E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc. 75Hi-Grade Materials Co.
2626Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community7663Construction Partners, Inc.
2724Holliday Rock Co.7754Wissota Sand & Gravel
2828Edw. C. Levy Co. 7888P & R Mining, LLC
2929Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co.7958Troy Sand & Gravel Company, Inc.
3031Wildcatter Sand Services, LLC80Bowes Construction, Inc.
3130Sibson Gravel81Eucon Corp.
3235Peak Sand & Gravel8253Beverly Cos.
3334Thelen Sand & Gravel, Inc.8385Atlanta Sand & Supply Co.
3437Couch Aggregates, LLC8477The Melvin Stone Co.
3532Dan Gernatt Gravel Products, Inc.8555Gowan Construction, Inc.
3638FST Sand & Gravel, Inc.86Ford Construction Co.
3740Las Vegas Paving Corp.8795Prowers Aggregate Operators, LLC
3833The Olen Corp.8898Carr Brothers & Sons Inc. 
3939Rogers Group, Inc.89O&G Industries, Inc.
4051Rasmussen Group, Inc.90Butte Sand & Gravel
4141Watson Gravel, Inc. 9194Travis Materials Group, Ltd.
4244R.E. Janes Gravel Co. 9276Nebco, Inc.
4342Clayton Sand Co.93Central-Allied Enterprises, Inc.
4446Aggregate Resources, Inc.9483Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel Co., Inc.
4543CAPA9593O.L. Thompson Construction Co., Inc.
4647Irving Materials, Inc.9689Lakeview Rock Products, Inc.
4745Haas, Inc.9771Western Construction, Inc.
4870Wm. Mueller & Sons, Inc.9892S&S Aggregates Co.
4979Permian Basin Materials, LLC99State Ready Mix Inc.
5057All American Asphalt Co. 10080Central Specialties, Inc.

Companies with no number listed in the 2021 column were not in the top 100 producers of construction sand and gravel in the United States in 2021.

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