Eriez Names New Northern Ontario Rep

Eriez, a global leader in magnetic, metal detection, and materials handling solutions, appointed Alpha Industrial & Mining Supplies as its new sales representative agency in the northern Ontario, Canada, region.  

Alpha Industrial, a family business based in Lively, Ontario, provides comprehensive, high-quality equipment and solutions for heavy and mining industry applications. In this strategic partnership, Jamie Osborne, of Alpha Industrial, will take on the pivotal role of Eriez’ key account contact.

Bill Dudenhoefer, regional sales director – North America, emphasized Osborne’s extensive background with Eriez, citing his prior representation of the company during his tenure with another agency. “Jamie’s exceptional understanding of Eriez’ diverse range of products, markets, and customers establishes a solid foundation for success. Working together with Alpha Industrial & Mining Supplies, Eriez can deliver enhanced solutions and more tailored support to our valued customers throughout northern Ontario.” 

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