AGG1 Preview: Deister EMCO Feeder Keeps Cone Crushers Choke-Fed

Deister Machine Co. will display its EMCO 360 Cone Crusher Optimizer Feeder at Booth #936 during AGG1 2024, March 25-27 in Nashville. As the latest addition to Deister’s line of two-mass electromechanical feeders, the EMCO 360 Feeder optimizes cone crusher performance. 

With its 360-degree discharge opening, the unit distributes a homogeneous feed to the cone, keeping cone crushers choke-fed for optimum efficiency, greater manganese wear life, improved production rates, and the consistent yield of a more cubicle product.

Deister’s EMCO 360 Feeder evenly distributes material into the cone to minimize uneven rock buildup within the crusher. Alternatively, conventional feeders allow a segregated feed to enter the crusher, with smaller rocks falling together and larger rocks falling together under the force of gravity – leading to an uneven distribution of material feed, and an uneven crushing of the rocks – with the latter causing increased component wear and costly downtime.

Engineered to deliver greater reliability, ease of maintenance, and lower costs per ton, the EMCO 360 features a robust machine weight, and incorporates a high-profile infeed lip and a heavy-duty formed deck with replaceable liners. A simplified drive is designed with an easy-access exciter frame, which houses the single vibrator motor – resulting in longer bearing life while also eliminating the need to replace belts. 

While most vibrating feeders within quarries are single-mass or brute force machines, the two-mass design in electromechanical feeders features a unique drive system where the motion is driven from a separate or “moving mass,” which is connected to the primary or “reaction mass” via springs that drive the vibration. 

“Two-mass technology allows higher feed rates; reduced horsepower requirements; and an ability to easily adapt and adjust to changes in loads,” said Carla Phelps, Deister feeder product manager.

Built for super-duty performance, Deister screens and feeders deliver rock-solid, reliable production – even under the most adverse operating conditions or when processing the most abrasive materials.

Deister engineers are ready to share customized solutions at AGG1 2024.


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