Marco Conveyors Tailored for the Demands of Quarries

Marco designs and manufactures a range of conveyors tailored for the unique demands of the quarrying and aggregates industry. With a focus on reliability, durability and efficiency, Marco achieves these essential characteristics through years of invaluable experience coupled with an innovative tubular truss design. This superior design and experience ensures that Marco equipment stands up to the rugged and demanding conditions often encountered in quarrying and aggregate operations.

The product range encompasses a variety of conveyors, including static, portable, and custom options, all meticulously engineered to meet industry standards. In addition to conveyors, Marco also provides hoppers, contributing to a complete and efficient material handling system. Another service that Marco offers is the design and manufacture of crusher and screener stands, which play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of crushers and screeners in quarrying and aggregate settings. 

As a Terex brand, Marco enjoys the privilege of tapping into a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise from renowned brands like Powerscreen, Finlay, EvoQuip, Terex MPS, and MDS. This unique advantage enables Marco to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, incorporating the latest innovations and insights into their conveyor solutions.

Static Conveyors. Marco static conveyors offer a constant and efficient flow of materials while reducing manual labor. Designed for heavy duty applications, a Marco conveyor features a robust tubular truss design that minimizes maintenance and enhances durability.

The robust construction guarantees that Marco’s static conveying systems are engineered for longevity, reducing maintenance demands and costs. With reduced reliance on manual labor, a consistent material flow, and heightened safety measures, Marco’s conveying systems elevate operations, saving valuable time and resources while boosting productivity.

Portable Conveyors. With the flexibility and efficiency of a Marco portable conveyor productivity can be greatly increased. A portable conveyor allows operators to adapt to changing requirements, whether it be stockpiling or material transportation.

Marco’s range of portable conveyors allow operators to optimize their systems and enhance workplace safety. By reducing the reliance on manual labor and minimizing the need for double handling of materials, these conveyors significantly improve overall efficiency. Each portable conveyor is highly customizable and can be designed to meet specific needs.

Featuring a tubular truss design known for its superior strength and ease of assembly compared to angle iron trusses. These portable conveyors can serve as link conveyors between material processing machines, stockpile aggregates and load ships or trucks.

Hoppers. Streamline dry bulk material transfer with a Marco hopper. Designed for loading and unloading trucks, trains and front loading shovels, Marco have a number of customizable options to efficiently meet the specific requirements of any project.

Marco offers a range of truck and rail unloading hoppers, shovel loading hoppers and custom made hoppers that help to maximize material transfer in the bulk material handling industry. With standard sizing ranging from 8- x 8-ft. to 16- x 16-ft. and featuring a frustum design with 50-degree sloping sides for rapid self-cleaning, Marco hoppers are trusted by operations of various sizes all over North America.

Custom hoppers featuring belt, apron and vibrating grizzly feeders can be designed to be fed by front end loaders, clam shell excavators and dump trucks. 

Structures. Marco designs and manufacture crusher and screen stands that offer safe and reliable solutions for material processing projects. This includes engineering solid structures for vibrating screens, crushers, control rooms and transfer towers that stand the test of time.

Marco engineers and manufactures crusher and screen stands for material processing equipment. These stands are engineered to offer easy access for equipment servicing and inspection while ensuring operators can move safely around the site. 

As a Terex brand Marco has access to a wealth of experience in the crushing and screening sector. Marco engineers work closely with multiple crushing and screening manufacturers to ensure that the structures are safe, robust and provide the best solution for the customer. 

Custom Conveyors. Marco’s custom conveyors are the result of a collaborative effort, with customers working closely with a dedicated team of engineers to create tailored solutions. These custom conveying systems are expertly designed to address the unique requirements of any project, ensuring they perfectly fit the task at hand.


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