BulkSource Offers Flow: Supply Chain Software

Flow from BulkSource is a supply chain management software for the infrastructure materials industry. With an intuitive user experience, comprehensive features, and flexible technology, Flow is a powerful solution for the entire supply operation. Producers conduct frictionless commerce by integrating customers and logistics partners, while simplifying internal quote-to-cash processes.

Flow features include:

Site & Inventory Management. Producers manage critical information for all sites within their supply chain, including quarries, vendors, plants, dispatch, and jobsites. Depending on a specific site’s operations, producers can also track inventory, product availability, operating costs, trucking providers, and site operating hours.

Product & Price List Management. Producers manage all their material products, and the associated product categories and sub-categories across all sites. This ensures data integrity throughout the operation, and accurate reporting of inventory, quoted volume, fulfillment and more. Accounting teams can create and modify unlimited price lists for customers or groups.

Customer Relationship Management. Producers manage their customers and prospects within Flow, including all the relevant attributes related to pricing, credit limits, tax exempt status, contacts, notes, files, and much more.

Fleet Management. Flow allows producers to manage their internal and third-party haulers, both at the company and driver levels. Scale house operators and dispatchers maintain key specifications such as maximum gross weight, permit dates, CDL expiration dates, and much more. These specifications drive a number of compliance and safety related features throughout the platform.

Freight Pricing & Fuel Surcharges. Flow’s proprietary freight pricing algorithm provides sales staff and dispatchers a reliable tool to price and quote freight rates. Users have the flexibility to price routes per hour, ton or ton-mile. Permissible users maintain the fuel surcharge rules and then the applicable fuel surcharges are incorporated into customer orders and tickets.

Scale House Operations. Flow was developed with operators in mind, enabling operators to create tickets in under 15 seconds while adhering to compliance standards for manned and unmanned scale houses. Flow connects with any scale and operates with either internet or cellular signals. If a site loses internet connectivity, Flow captures tickets offline and automatically updates the cloud once connectivity is restored.

e-Ticketing & Scale Ticket Reports. Flow’s e-ticketing allows producers, haulers, and customers to access scale ticket reports via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Tickets are downloaded and/or printed as needed. E-ticket data is utilized in multiple production KPI reports and dashboards such as loads shipped per day, payload and more.

BulkSource, www.bulksource.com/flow

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