Epiroc Blast Clearing Software Reduces Clearing Times, Improves Safety

Epiroc is expanding its digital solutions in the surface mining industry. The launch for surface mines includes the new release for safe blasting, Blast Support. The offering entails a new release of Situational Awareness, which has a new feature with the capability to direct warning messages to people located in defined risk zones.

With more than 10 years of experience and 40-plus installations globally, Epiroc is now taking the safety technologies (previously called Mobilaris Mining Intelligence) to the surface mining market.

The surface-based capabilities are smart solutions that help plan, execute and monitor surface mining operations and are based on Epiroc’s world-leading technology for underground mines. Epiroc integrates 3D situational awareness with open-space positioning and satellite imaging to create a 3D map of the blast area, including surface blast zones and tunnels.

“The world’s best digital decision system for underground mines has just surfaced,” said Global Director of Product Management Hans Wahlquist from Epiroc. “Our technology-agnostic solutions are improving safety at mining sites but also increasing efficiency by reducing the time spent looking for people or assets. Although open-pit mining faces different challenges than underground operations, it also shares many similarities. We are now unleashing battle-proven solutions from underground mines to create new values for surface mines.”

The new surface offering includes several solutions with the following new features:

  • Situational Awareness comes with a new feature called Zone-based Messages, which enables the personnel in the control room to send messages from the Situational Awareness application to people in designated areas of the mine. These messages can be information, warnings or alarm messages. They can be persistent messages in dangerous areas or, in some cases, instant messages. Zone-based Messages can also be automated through Event Automation scripts triggered by IoT sensors for ground stability, etc.
  • Blast support is a new digital decision support tool to ensure improved personnel safety at blasting. 3D visualization with open-space positioning gives the control room an overview of everyone’s location. 

“Before pushing the blast button, it is crucial to ensure that everyone is at a safe distance. But at the same time, it is important to blast on time so as not to jeopardize the next shift’s opportunities to deliver. With Blast Support, you can evacuate designated areas for blasting. With real-time tracking of people through tags, you can be sure that the area is cleared,” said Magnus Nilsson, product manager, Epiroc.

Epiroc, www.epiroc.com

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