FleetWatcher Adds Unauthorized/Untrained Users Functionality

FleetWatcher introduces Unauthorized Users – a new functionality that alerts supervisors when untrained/unauthorized personnel operate equipment. This new tool alerts appropriate personnel when an on-road or off-road asset is being operated/driven by a person who is not specifically authorized for that type of equipment. Immediately alerting when untrained personnel are attempting to operate equipment enhances safety and productivity while limiting risk. 

It is versatile enough to cover any assets within the fleet, and all personnel. For example, if John Smith does not have a CDL and Medical Report on file he is not permitted to operate any heavy on-road equipment. When he starts equipment within this class, he receives a warning, simultaneously their supervisor receives an alert. The functionality can also alert when a driver/operator is assigned to project-assigned equipment that they are not authorized for.

FleetWatcher Unauthorized User Alerts enhance safety by raising visibility of who is trained on what equipment, and what activities they are engaged in. 

“Like all of our new functionalities, this was customer driven,” said FleetWatcher CEO Larry Baker. “Job sites can be hectic, especially during the busiest seasons, but personnel attempting to operate equipment when they are not qualified to do so can be harmful or fatal. Unauthorized Users provides an early warning to supervisors and others to keep jobsites safe and productive.”

FleetWatcher is a construction-specific wireless telematics product which provides complete visibility to all components used within the process. The Fleetwatcher Material Management Solution (MMS) is being used by asphalt paving contractors across the United States. The comapny also offer modules for e-ticketing, off-road construction and more. 

Fleetwatcher, www.fleetwatcher.com

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