CRUSH Supply Opens New Daytona Facility

CRUSH Supply, a provider of aggregate materials, announced the launch of its new location in Daytona Beach, Fla. “This significant development demonstrates CRUSH Supply’s dedication to serving its customers with high-quality aggregate materials and highlights its positive impact on the local economy through this strategic expansion,” the company stated.

“Specializing in the delivery, recycling and sale of a diverse range of aggregate materials, each possessing unique characteristics suitable for various applications, CRUSH Supply continues to be an industry stalwart,” the company stated. “The company’s operations reflect a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare, principles that are inherently evident in its business model and operational ethos.”

The company offers oversized aggregates, #57s, road base, Paverpro (a fine aggregate), crushed asphalt and stabilizer 57 stone for driveways, patios and landscaping, known for its excellent drainage properties and erosion prevention.

The newly inaugurated Daytona Beach facility is designed to harness sophisticated technologies to guarantee that the production of these materials is both efficient and ecologically responsible. 

This facility is a testament to CRUSH Supply’s “investment in technology and innovation, ensuring that processes are not only streamlined but also contribute to environmental conservation,” the company stated. This expansion is poised to boost employment and contribute significantly to the local economy, affirming CRUSH Supply’s dedication to societal advancement, the company said.

The grand opening of the new facility at 1189 Indian Lake Rd, Daytona Beach, Fla., marks a pivotal phase in CRUSH Supply’s journey. This location was strategically chosen to facilitate easy access for clients, emphasizing the company’s client-centric approach. 

The choice of recycled aggregate reflects a sustainable path, minimizing landfill waste, preserving natural resources and reducing both construction expenses and carbon emissions. This initiative allows clients to experience substantial savings while participating in environmentally responsible consumption.

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