Surestrike International Provides Solution to Trap Rock Accumulation

Surestrike hammer attachment

A Wisconsin quarry owner was struggling with the oversized trap rock that had been accumulating in their 100-year-old quarry.

Prior to calling on Surestrike the quarry owner had tried many different types of hydraulic hammers in their application but because of the hardness and density of the material not even the largest hydraulic hammer would break the rock efficiently. The trap rock in this application is very hard with an LA rating of 7.8 which was causing significant issues with all of the hydraulic hammers that they had tried. Continuing to use a 12,000-pound drop ball, which was slow and inefficient, they relied on Surestrike for a solution.

The Surestrike hydraulic impact hammer (Model SS50) provided them with high productivity and an efficient and safe operation to reduce their oversized stockpile. In addition to being able to reduce their oversize to a manageable product that they could process they also found that they weren’t producing as many sharp fragments, thus extending the life of their loader tires.

“I have been using the Surestrike hammer for almost 14 years now and there isn’t anything else out there that I would use over this! When I started using the Surestrike hammer, our quarry was littered with around 5 years’ worth of boulders at the time that took me roughly 6 months’ time to break down to fit in our primary jaw crusher. I’m confident had I been an experienced operator at the time I could have finished that same task in less than half that time. It’s the best out there hands down,” said Jeremy Christensen, an employee of the quarry.

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