Hyundai Material Handling Introduces New Branding

Hyundai Material Handling, a business unit of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment North America Inc., is introducing new branding that reflects its growing presence and evolving mission in North America and as a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced material handling equipment.

“Forging our own path sets Hyundai apart,” said Lewis Byers, executive vice president/COO, Hyundai Material Handling.  “Now, it’s time that our brand – the name, image, and message, we send to the marketplace – captures our commitment to innovation and our focus on the future.”

The branding includes a new corporate name and logo, new branding colors, and an updated look for its Hyundai Material Handling equipment brand.

The new corporate name is HD Hyundai Xitesolution-Material Handling. The HD stands for Human Dynamics, reflecting the company’s mission of helping individuals achieve their goals. The Hyundai Xitesolution name links together its world-famous brand with how Hyundai is going beyond manufacturing to be a solutions provider to customers in an ever more competitive and complex world. “Material Handling” will continue to identify the equipment Hyundai offers and the market it serves.

Included in the updated logo is a new “Forward Mark” icon that replaces the company’s familiar triangles. This new icon conveys Hyundai’s commitment to pushing forward, finding new innovations and new ways to help its customers move forward and be more efficient and productive in a changing world.

As part of Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability, the new branding includes a new color treatment, merging its traditional blue with green.

While the company has a new corporate logo, for dealers and customers, the company’s main brand ID will remain Hyundai Material Handling, helping to sustain the company’s dramatic growth in sales and awareness in the North American market.

“A lot is changing in the way we present ourselves to the market,” added Lewis Byers.  “But we want our dealers and forklift owners to know that some things will never change for us, and that’s our dedication to offering quality, value, and innovation in our products and services, and our commitment to make certain that when it comes to material handling, no one delivers more.” 

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