The Big, Small and Complicated – L&H Industrial’s Comprehensive Solutions

Built specifically to handle mineral processing equipment, L&H Industrial’s Tempe, Ariz., operation offers Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Repair, and Field Services for Aggregate operations. With over 50 years of experience building solutions for the biggest machines on earth, there is not much they cannot support.

So when a dolomitic limestone quarry in Oklahoma producing 3-million tons of raw throughput yearly, had a massive 42-70 gyratory crusher nearing catastrophic failure, it was clear they needed a partner that could handle the job.

With continual maintenance concerns, output decreased, downtime increased, and the quarry fell short of production goals; but most importantly, maintenance teams were exposed to increased safety risks, which was the operation’s number one priority.

It was obvious the crusher would need a complete overhaul to upgrade and repair the equipment back to maximum producing capacity and keep their teams safe.  

L&H field crews, engineers, project managers and production teams collectively built a plan to disassemble the crusher, rebuild the components, and reassemble onsite.  

The complete rebuild included repairing the main shaft, rebuilding the spider and hydro-set, supplying new brass, and changing out the concaves. The extremely large components required specialty equipment to rebuild at this size; and were sent to L&H Industrial’s Tempe, AZ facility; specifically built for large equipment manufacturing and repairs.  

When the project was finished, the crusher’s output had increased over 200%.


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