Durex Livewire Screens Boost Productivity, Improve Wear Life

Livewire from Durex Products Inc. is a self-cleaning screen featuring molded rubber strips that hold high-strength wires in place. Providing better screening action than traditional woven wire and greater open area than polyurethane, this screen media is designed to boost production by reducing costly, time-consuming blinding, plugging and pegging problems – while also delivering superior wear life.

Livewire screen media is available in XT high-tensile or stainless-steel wires. Durex’s wire specifications provide ideal durability and strength, which permits the company to use lighter-gauge wire, allowing more openings per square feet of screening area. 

Its 60-durometer, compression-vulcanized rubber strips provide superior flexing action for self-cleaning capabilities. In addition, rubber strips deliver greater wear life in environmental conditions that may adversely affect thermoplastic polyurethane. The Livewire line is available in Accuslot, Diamond (single and double), Herringbone and Straight wire slot openings for maximum output in a variety of dry or damp applications.

With more than 55 years in business, Durex Products designs, manufactures and markets screen media, including wire and polymer media in tensioned and modular versions and stainless-steel woven-wire cloth, as well as wear liners and screen accessories. 

Durex Products Inc., www.durexproducts.com

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