Covia Releases Corporate Responsibility Report

Covia Holdings LLC released its 18th consecutive Corporate Responsibility Report, entitled “Where We’re Going,” summarizing the company’s global ESG initiatives, activities and performance from the 2022 calendar year. 

The 2022 report was prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metals and Mining Industry Standard, making 2022 the fourth consecutive year in which the company has reported under this standard. 

This report also represents the first year of measured progress against the company’s formal ESG strategic plan, Goals that Inspire. Covia’s 10 goals, announced in their 2021 report, were developed in partnership with a broad and inclusive group of internal experts and external partners and are organized around three core pillars: Environmental Stewardship, Positive Social Impact, and Responsible Governance and Ethics. 

In addition to providing an update on Covia’s Goals that Inspire, this report also highlights key achievements from 2022, including:

  • Safety: Decreasing the all-incidence rate across the company by 10% versus the prior year.
  • Community: Contributing 10,800 volunteer hours and investing approximately $1.2 million in local communities to support meaningful causes.
  • Environment: Investing $1.7 million in capital projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

Commenting on the 2022 report, Andrew Eich, president and CEO of Covia, stated, “Our progress towards our long-range goals was only possible because of Covia’s talented team members and our desire to build a company that we’re proud of, not just because of what we can accomplish in business, but because of the positive impacts we will leave behind. Every single Covia location made important contributions and it’s exciting to see all of them represented in this report, showcasing the importance of the individual actions that collectively set us on the path toward ‘Where We’re Going.’”  

The report is available in French, English and Spanish at

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