Heidelberg Materials Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Dr. Dominik von Achten, CEO of Heidelberg Materials, and Prof Dr Eckart Würzner, Mayor of the City of Heidelberg, jointly gave the starting signal for the anniversary campaign “new meeting points of innovation for Heidelberg” at the ceremony.

Heidelberg Materials celebrates its 150th company anniversary this year. On June 20th, a ceremony under the motto “150 years of progress” was held with guests and employees at the company’s headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

“150 years of Heidelberg Materials – these are 150 years that have been shaped by people whose innovative spirit and courage have led to constant change. We owe it to them and their common pursuit of progress that we have been successful for so many years,” said Dr. Dominik von Achten, CEO of Heidelberg Materials. “Since 1873, our building materials have enabled numerous innovations all over the world. And we want them to continue to do so for the next 150 years. With a wide portfolio of sustainable building materials, Heidelberg Materials is already playing a decisive role in shaping the future of construction.”

The history of Heidelberg Materials began in 1873 in the heart of Heidelberg. With only 35 employees, Johann Philipp Schifferdecker started to produce a completely new, high-quality building material: Portland cement. Today, 150 years later, Heidelberg Materials is one of the world’s largest suppliers of building materials – with around 51,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

More than ever, society needs smart, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure, buildings, and public spaces. Heidelberg Materials is driving this progress worldwide. The company is already the global industry leader in CO₂ reduction targets and a pioneer in innovative technologies such as carbon capture, utilisation, and storage. New, intelligent materials are being developed to make construction more sustainable – globally led by Heidelberg Materials.

An exhibition in the foyer of the company headquarters in Heidelberg now provides information on how exactly the company is driving forward the decarbonisation of its products, among other things. The exhibits show milestones that have shaped the history of the company and provide insights into the corporate culture on which the 150-year success story of Heidelberg Materials is based. In addition, visitors can experience the company’s innovative, sustainable building materials and digital solutions.

“150 years of progress, innovation, and expertise are both an incentive and an obligation to help shape a more sustainable future for generations to come,” said von Achten. “We also want to make this a tangible experience here in Heidelberg where our company is based. That is why today marks the start of our anniversary campaign “new meeting points of innovation for Heidelberg”. In the coming weeks and months, meeting places will be created in the Heidelberg city area to encourage exchange and innovative discussions. For this purpose, we want to set up a total of 150 benches made of sustainable building materials and plant trees.”

More information about the success story of Heidelberg Materials can be found at “150 years of progress.

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