Command Alkon Implements ‘API-First’ Mindset to Improve Business Outcomes

Command Alkon has redefined its strategy to be an “API-first” company that prioritizes the development and management of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Every API is designed, developed and supported as part of a larger enterprise ecosystem for the industry.

“Through our cloud-based platform approach, data from our four core product suites – production, dispatch, trucking, and back office – will be served to customers so that they can then share information and connect other key third-party system using Open RESTful APIs,” said Charles Evans, chief technology officer at Command Alkon. “With an API-first mindset, we hope to accelerate digital transformation and increase our customers’ competitive positions.”

APIs are a foundational technology for building and connecting applications. They help developers easily build digital experiences using proven services instead of building them from scratch; this allows businesses to better adapt to the demands of customers and end-users more quickly.

“With an API- first approach, interfaces will be emphasized over core functionality to guarantee our APIs are consistent and easily adoptable by a wide range of clients,” said Evans. “Customers can securely connect to their own software tools to share data with customers and with partners, including governmental agencies. This shift will help the industry continue to share information and link common systems together for ease of use.”

This approach will enable integration with other applications so that Command Alkon can help drive data-driven decisions and take productivity to new heights.

“One of the major problems that the building materials industry faces is that lack of communication between all constituents in the supply chain,” said Evans. “With an Open API, all players have access to workflow, schedules, and other integrated systems so that actionable insights can be shared instantly.”

Transparency feeds a successful supply chain, and an open API is a key ingredient. With clear visibility, trading partners can respond more quickly to unexpected situations, manage by exception, ensure quality, and more. Here are just a few of the opportunities that an open API can deliver:

  1. Access Data Easier
    Individuals across the company and outside of its four walls can access relevant data and accelerate growth through strategic decisions centered around that data.
  2. Simplify Secure Communication
    When technologies talk to one another, it’s easier and less expensive to share information to all stakeholders internally or externally. Data, Documents, and Reports can be shared by any number of users with appropriate access.
  3. Boost Productivity
    Now, data is more organized, accessible, and easier to share so that employees don’t waste time waiting for data that they need. Employees can focus on improving the business, rather than being on standby while pertinent data is keyed in and shared with the rest of the team, leading to productivity boosts.
  4. Improve Customer Experience
    Processes are more efficient when systems can talk to each other. For example, integrating electronic tickets and product data from the source systems means faster transactions with minimal errors. It also helps to provide better service for customers and helps to easily stay one step ahead of the competition.
  5. Accelerate Growth
    With connected technologies, there is insight into which piece of the operation can be improved or can be optimized. As the business grows, the technology can easily be scaled to grow with it and keep new employees and new customers in the loop more efficiently.

Customers interested in API integrations are encouraged to contact their sales representative for more information.

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