Liebherr’s Solidlink: New Brand Name for Quick Coupling System

In the future, Liebherr’s LIKUFIX quick coupling system will be known globally by the brand name Solidlink. The LIKUFIX name will be retained in German and French-speaking regions. The fully automatic quick coupling system ensures the efficient, safe changing of attachments from the driver’s cab.

The time-tested quick coupling system delivers maximum efficiency and safety for customers for changing attachments. Solidlink or LIKUFIX is suitable for use both with Liebherr products and with machines from other manufacturers.

Liebherr’s quick coupling systems are constantly undergoing advanced development, deliver maximum efficiency, safety and flexibility, the company stated. Almost any hydraulic or mechanical attachment can be changed conveniently, quickly and easily. 

A major advantage of Liebherr quick coupling systems is their versatile, manufacturer-independent application and combination options with a wide range of different earthmoving machines and attachments. 

The fully automatic Solidlink quick coupling system enables attachments to be changed easily and conveniently from the driver’s cab at the touch of a button. It quickly and safely connects the machine to the attachment to form a powerful unit. 

This message is also conveyed by the new brand name, said Liebherr’s Rudolf Arnold, and gets straight to the point in terms of the benefits. “Solidlink increases the machines’ possible applications increasing its capacity by up to 90%. The fully automatic quick coupling system therefore makes a significant contribution to both efficiency and safety on site,” he said.

Liebherr’s quick coupling system also guarantees maximum safety thanks to a whole host of features. Solidlink is hydromechanically mounted to deliver perfect balance in all axis and degrees of freedom. Because the attachment can be changed from the driver’s cab, the possibility of personnel being in the danger zone during the change process can be ruled out fully. 

The proximity sensor also monitors the correct position of the attachment in the locking position. If the pins are extended during coupling without the attachment tool being connected to the quick coupler, the machine operator is alerted by a warning sound in the cab and a warning signal on the display. 

Furthermore, the two-hand control process means that the machine cannot operate out of control during the coupling process and the safety risks this can create can therefore be ruled out.

The high strength of the system is due to a solid metal plate and recessed hydraulic couplings that prevent damage during the coupling process. An optional bracket on the coupling block also protects the hydraulic lines.


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