Austin Powder Launches RFID for E*STAR Electronic Detonators

Austin Powder released its new E*STAR Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID technology makes it possible to identify the detonator without physical contact between the logger and the detonator.  

Austin Powder said it is committed to continuously improving all its products and is proud to introduce RFID as the latest edition to the E*STAR Electronic Initiation System. Benefits of RFID detonator tagging include flexibility and time savings. In one operation, the use of RFID resulted in a 50% time savings over traditional direct connect programming. E*STAR RFID allows blasters greater flexibility on when to log holes, assign detonator timing, and test detonators or branch circuit verification. Blasters can also choose to assign timing to the detonators after holes are loaded and tested for continuity.  

The RFID feature is a much quicker process than direct contact logging or any other detonator programming method. All required detonator information is still right where it is needed. With RFID tagging, the logger display will still show all the necessary details about the detonator, and one logger can tag up to 1,600 detonators.   

Unlike standard bar-code labels, harsh field conditions do not impact the effectiveness of the RFID labels. Cold temperatures, snow, muddy or emulsion-covered labels, or even heavy rain will not comprise the data embedded in the RFID label, making it the most reliable product on the market. 

“Our latest addition of RFID as a logging option offers select customers the ability to rapidly extract our E*STAR electronic detonator’s critical information used to assign a delay, right from the RFID tag,” said Campbell Robertson, global manager electronic initiation. “The RFID tag works in any conditions, whether in direct sunlight or the low light underground, wet or muddy, even emulsion covered conditions. What’s more, the RFID tag and the data stored within it cannot be degraded by solvents.”

Austin Powder,

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