MDS International Rebrands to Become MDS – A Terex Brand

Rock trommel manufacturer MDS International has rebranded to become MDS – A Terex Brand. A new look and feel logo will accompany the brand update and is in line with the new direction that the company is going in.

History, as with all Terex brands, remains a very important part of MDS. The new logo is designed to represent both Terex and MDS, and showcases the MDS heavy duty drums, which is a unique feature of MDS products and what it’s synonymous with. 

MDS is undergoing major positive changes following the acquisition by Terex in 2021. 

“We have been making significant investment in our facilities and have added to our team to help us deliver aggressive production growth goals so that we can meet ever growing demand for MDS products. Alongside this, we have been expanding our distribution footprint to help position us for long term growth,” the company stated.

“With the positive changes to MDS ongoing, this was the ideal time launch our rebranding. Since the first mobile MDS model was launched in 2015, the branding and livery has remained the same. The new livery will retain the old MDS colour while introducing a Terex grey, giving a modern, two tone effect as well as a consistent look across all our models.”

As part of this rebrand, the company is launching a new website, This will give users a smoother browsing experience and is consistent with other Terex brands platforms. 

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