ASGCO Announces New Grizzly Conveyor Belt Skiver

ASGCO “Complete Conveyor Solutions” announced the latest addition to its line of conveyor belt products that enhances efficiency, safety and productivity. The Grizzly Conveyor Belt Skiver is a safe and easy way of removing/recessing the conveyor belt covers for the installation of mechanical fasteners.

The Grizzly Conveyor Belt Skiver is battery-operated (18-volt) with dual-acting tungsten carbide blades that accurately skives the rubber off the surface of the conveyor belt. A skived conveyor belt provides for a stronger and longer conveyor belt splice life and the lower profile helps with belt cleaner performance.  

The Grizzly Conveyor Belt Skiver comes as a kit, complete with a battery charger, two batteries, and a set of tungsten carbide replacement blades all in a sturdy zippered canvas bag.  

ASGCO offers high-quality tools to accurately and safely perform mechanical fastening installation to a conveyor belt. From the Safe-Grip Belt Clamps, Magnum Belt Cutters, now the Grizzly Conveyor Belt Skiver, and the successful Grizzly Screw-Splice.


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