ABB, Hitachi Tout High-Powered Battery Technology

ABB and Hitachi Construction Machinery have signed a collaboration agreement to develop an electric rigid dump truck with a customized on-board energy storage system. Using ABB’s innovative battery technology will enable trucks to transform from diesel to full electric operation. The electric vehicle draws the power needed from the overhead catenary while simultaneously charging the on-board energy storage system. 

The use of ABB’s high power and long-life energy storage systems will reduce the vehicle’s curb weight and lower the initial as well as lifecycle costs of the vehicle. In-motion charging eliminates recharging stops, which increases the vehicle’s operational efficiency and productivity. When traveling downhill, regenerative braking allows the energy storage to recharge by converting mechanical energy into usable electrical energy – improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

“We are honored to collaborate with Hitachi Construction Machinery combining extensive industry expertise and innovative technologies to improve efficiency and accelerate the transition to all-electric mine operations,” said Edgar Keller, president of ABB’s Motion Traction Division. “By co-creating solutions, we can help mine operators achieve their production and sustainability goals.”  

There is a growing trend within the mining industry to electrify mining machinery to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Mine operators are looking to technology leaders to drive electrification and accelerate the process. Because of the need to reduce mining costs and increase productivity at mining sites, efficient technology must be developed to contribute to the reduction of CO2 while staying competitive and ensuring performance at the same time.

“The strengths and knowledge of both companies will be utilized to realize the early development of battery electric rigid dump trucks,” said Sonosuke Ishii, senior vice president and executive officer at Hitachi Construction Machinery. “In addition, ABB’s energy storage solutions can also be used for static charging dump trucks, and the technology is ready for future fuel cell electric vehicles. Both companies will continue with the development while looking ahead to the future.”

This joint development is a first collaboration following the memorandum of understanding signed by Hitachi Construction Machinery and ABB in March 2021 to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future in mining. The two companies will join forces to collaborate in bringing solutions to the market that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with heavy machinery used in mining.


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