Five Ways To Maintain Your Articulated Hauler During Cold Weather

  1. Have the right parts. During cold weather, it’s even more important that your truck is equipped with the right parts to prevent downtime, according to Terex Trucks. Factory-approved parts are designed and engineered precisely to maintain both the high performance and reliability of your hauler. For instance, having a reliable starter motor ensures you can start your truck without any problems, even in the most extreme winter weather. Make sure your truck’s battery is in good condition too, so it won’t let you down.
  2. Be prepared for bad weather. It’s essential to make sure you have the correct machine specification when operating in extremely low temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Options such as fluid heaters will make your truck operation more efficient. When operating in adverse conditions, good visibility is crucial – your truck should be equipped with good windscreen wipers to ensure safe operation. When visibility is particularly poor, it’s also critical your truck’s hazard area communications are effective. Check your flashing beacons and strobe lights work properly and provide a bright enough light output so the truck can always be seen.
  3. Frequent inspections. Correct and frequent truck care is key, especially during winter. Terex Trucks’ global dealer network offers dedicated on-site maintenance and support services, it’s a good idea to schedule a pre-winter inspection with your local dealer. As temperatures drop, make sure you and your team inspect your truck regularly. Having a good routine in place when it comes to details like changing fluids or adjusting tire pressure can make a big difference in keeping your articulated hauler in good shape. Through quick daily inspections you can prevent accidental wear and tear.
  4. Clean your articulated hauler. When temperatures drop, dirt or mud on your hauler can freeze, especially overnight. Frozen mud can be very difficult to remove and can even cause damage to the machine, so it’s important to clean your dump truck at the end of the day. This also ensures that any salt or other chemicals are washed away. Salt and other products are often present on roads after it snows. These products can contaminate systems and cause erosion. A daily clean will protect the body and components of your articulated hauler.
  5. Correct machine storage. Not using your dump truck regularly during cold weather can have a negative impact. Machines that aren’t used during extended periods of cold should be started up on a regular basis and put through a basic series of movements. When storing your articulated hauler, make sure you follow the correct machine storage instructions which include tips and checks on everything from the hydraulic tank to the exhaust and hinges.

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