Stellar Industries Offers TM28 Tire Manipulator

Stellar Industries’ TM28 tire manipulator is the next evolution in mining tire service. By utilizing a forklift or loader as a tire handler, this new manipulator brings increased user efficiency and equipment value to the market.

The Stellar TM28 is available in either a long- or short-arm version. With a rated capacity of 28,000 lb. (12,700 kg), the TM28 is equipped to handle large construction and mine equipment tires. Featuring 110-degree body rotation and 360-degree continuous rotating pads, it allows operators full control, increasing efficiency and productivity.

“Stellar Industries is the worldwide market leader in truck mounted tire manipulator machines and our customers have been asking us to enter the loader and forklift mounted space for some time,” said Tim Davison, sales and marketing manager at Stellar Industries. “It was important for us to make a product that could increase the productivity of our customer and not just create a product with the same value proposition as our competitors. We need to be able to give the customer more features, better performance and more value for their investment.”

There are many features to the TM28 tire manipulator that provide increased productivity for tire professionals, such as the optional side shift feature. This allows an operator to easily make small adjustments for better control over the tire.

The TM28 provides added versatility through its ability to attach and detach to equipment. By adding Stellar’s TM28 to existing equipment, professionals can increase equipment value by eliminating the need to buy dedicated equipment.

The features designed into the TM28 make it strong, robust and easy to use. The performance numbers speak for themselves but features like the accessory mounting rail and fall back protection with integral lock ring catcher truly make the operator’s job easier and more productive, noted the company.

Helping the operator be more productive is one of the core goals with every new product Stellar produces, the company said. With the TM28, Stellar maintained it has created the most productive loader/forklift mounted tire manipulator in the world.

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