ASGCO Offers Super-Skalper HD

Super Skalper HD

High-speed belts moving high volumes of material can create unique challenges for conveyor belt cleaning systems. In addition, many of these conveyors use large head pulleys, further complicating the application of an effective primary belt cleaner. ASGCO offers a solution to these challenges with the Super-Skalper HD.

Available in several blade configurations, ASGCO’s Super-Skalper HD can tackle the toughest carry-back applications. The one-piece mounting tube and E-Z Torque Tensioner applies consistent and proper pressure ensuring constant cleaning contact throughout the life of the blade. The blade wear indicator allows the user to monitor blade wear without having to shut down the system for inspection and can be done in minutes, without tools. Ideal for both above- and below-ground mining.

Key Benefits:

  • One-Piece Mounting Tube – Single mounting tube constructed of 2-1/2 in. sch 80 pipe.
  • Strong tube support – For robust new enhanced E-Z Torque HD tensioner.
  • E-Z Torque HD Tensioner – Made of 304 stainless steel mounting plates, collars and springs allows the blade to self-adjust throughout the entire life of the blade and is the most robust and accurate belt cleaner tensioner in the industry, noted the company.
  • Blade-Wear Indicator – Allows the user to monitor blade wear easily without having to shut the system down for inspection.
  • Torque Spring – Provides a greater degree of tensioning per inch of blade, verses compression springs which require more tensioning adjustment for the life of the blade. 
  • Rubber Corrugated Dust Covers and UHMW Bushings – Ensure no build-up in the spring tensioning area and provide smooth non-binding tensioning.
  • Quick-Change Blade – Stainless steel pin blade change-out system; one-minute, no-tool .
  • MSHA Accepted – #MSHA IC – 174/1.

ASGCO,, 610-821-0216

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