Miller Tier 4 Final Welder/Generator EPA-Compliant

45 BigBlue 150

45 BigBlue 400Released by Miller Electric Mfg. Co., the Big Blue 600 Pro welder/generator replaces the popular Tier 4 Interim Big Blue 500 with an even more powerful EPA Tier 4 Final–compliant engine. Designed for the U.S. market, this new 600-amp machine tackles tough jobs that require high output for welding, gouging and auxiliary power.

Behind the power is Kubota’s new V2403 turbocharged four-cylinder industrial liquid-cooled engine. Rated at 48.9 hp, this model is ideal for heavy industrial applications.

“Responding to a need in the marketplace, Miller is the only North American welding manufacturer to offer a Tier 4 Final welder/generator in the 50 hp range,” said Ben Froland, product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “The Big Blue 600 Pro provides several key upgrades from the previous model including improved arc characteristics, digital weld meters and display, and three-phase power available anytime – even while welding.”

Another upgrade from previous models is the ability to use auxiliary power while welding. With up to 20,000 watts of continuous three-phase power, and up to 12,000 watts of continuous single-phase power, the unit is more than capable of running common jobsite tools and equipment.

Standard features also include a 120-volt block heater and automatic glow plugs for cold-weather starting, tailorable arc control for SMAW and GMAW processes, and wireless hand remote compatibility so operators can work safer and faster up to 300 ft. from the power source.

All models include a 4-in. electronic engine display that allows users to precisely monitor fuel level, engine hours, coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage and engine rpm – all in one convenient location.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.,

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