Stedman Cage Mill Features High-Ratio Size Reduction

SMC CageMill CutIllus

Stedman is promoting its “One-N-Done” cage mill line by re-educating process engineers about the unique design aspects of cage mills. Cage mills are capable of very high-ratio size reduction with no decrease in quality of the product even after long periods of operation. High size reduction ratios offer cost savings in handling, maintenance and wear parts.

Cage mills reduce materials by impact using nested cages with rows of impact bars. The cages, consisting of 2, 4 or 6 rows, are arranged concentrically, SMC200x with each row spinning in the opposite direction. The material is fed into the center of the innermost cage, where it is struck by spinning rows of cage pins and distributed 360 degrees around the cage. Properly presetting the speed of the cages allows the succeeding rows, moving from the innermost outward, to act principally on the particles that have not yet been reduced to the desired size.

Particles that have been crushed sufficiently tend to pass through the subsequent rows without being affected. Thus, over crushing or under crushing is effectively controlled by adjusting the speed of the cages and a very high size reduction ratio is accomplished.

Stedman Machine Co. offers a full line of cage mills for almost any material or application from wet and sticky to dry and friable.

An H-Series cage mill is available for testing at Stedman’s Testing and Toll Processing Facility. More than 10,000 other size reduction equipment tests are on file to help a process be as efficient as possible.

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