Dyno Nobel Differential Energy System

DB Dyno

Dyno Nobel offers its Differential Energy system. What Is Differential Energy? A proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in the borehole.

The system offers:

  • Less subdrilling is required because detonation pressure is higher.
  • Reduces wear on loading, hauling and crushing equipment because fragmentation is more consistent.
  • Reduces loading time by eliminating dewatering and manual loading.
  • Reduces flyrock and improves highwall stability by placing lower density product near the collar.
  • Decreases groundwater contamination with highly water resistant emulsions.
  • Fewer face blow-outs because thickened emulsion resists flowing into cracks and voids.
  • Minimizes post-blast NO generation with high performance water resistant emulsion.
  • High detonation pressure at the toe results in smoother floors and more stable highwalls.
  • Optimizes fragmentation and reduces fines with less explosive in the borehole.
  • Unlike ANFO and HANFO, performance isn’t compromised by wet conditions or long sleep times.

Dyno Nobel, www.dynonobel.com

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