Lake Erie Launches Ground, Stacking, Radial Stacking Roller Bed Conveyors

Lake Erie Conveyors

Lake Erie Portable Screeners added three roller bed conveyors to its line of screening equipment. The company designed the new ground, stacking and radial stacking conveyors to withstand the harsh demands of processing materials in construction, landscaping and aggregate applications. They can be used with Lake Erie’s Pitbull 2300 screening plant to produce three grades of material at once.

Roller bed conveyors excel in tough applications that require consistent and continuous transfer of materials. They move heavier loads faster and with less power than slider bed conveyors, which typically have smaller drive pulleys that require more torque to operate. And because the belts move across rollers instead of the entire surface of a slider bed, they operate with less friction, which is easier on the belts and translates to longer belt life.

Stuart Foradora, factory representative at Lake Erie Portable Screeners, said overall the conveyors are uncomplicated, easy to service and very portable. They also provide easy belt tracking and last longer. “These conveyors complement our Pitbull 2300 screeners both in terms of utility and reliability,” he said. “We are serious about building heavy-duty products that our customers can rely on to take a beating and keep producing. These conveyors fit that description.”

The ground conveyor is mounted on a rugged steel frame that rests directly on the ground, and its large footprint provides exceptional stability.

Users can adjust the stacking and radial stacking models from 5- to 11-ft. high and feed material directly into a loading vehicle. The adjustability also allows users to create larger stockpiles, which increases efficiency by reducing the number of times equipment needs to be moved. These attributes, combined with the ability to place the machine at the point of excavation, minimize spillage and dramatically reduce cycle times and haulage costs typically associated with loading and unloading material when using stationary plants.

The radial stacking conveyor features tire and wheel assemblies that can be positioned to allow the stacker to move on a radius instead of being limited to a fixed point. This allows users to pivot the conveyor left or right in a radial arch versus moving the entire unit when creating very large stockpiles.

Standard Size
The standard size of the three conveyors is 30-in. wide by 20-ft. long, and Lake Erie will customize designs to provide alternate sizes based on customer needs and applications. In addition to working well with the Pitbull 2300 screening plant, they can be paired with other machines for applications that require independent, heavy-duty conveyors.

Lake Erie Portable Screeners manufactures its conveyors for longevity in the most demanding applications. The Lake Erie conveyors feature rigid C-channel frames and anti-torque cross members through the length of the main frame to increase rigidity. They feature welded construction and are built with the optimal grade of high-quality, solid steel to provide excellent durability and minimize weight.

The head and tail pulleys are larger, which helps the conveyors transport heavy loads easier and reduces stress on the components. Heavy-duty pillow block bearings support the pulley shafts and can be greased for smooth performance and longer service life. The ball bearings in the bed rollers are permanently lubricated and sealed to increase wear life and reduce maintenance. They also have durable, rubber-backed, multi-ply chevron belts for optimal traction.

Gasoline Engines
Customers have the option of gasoline engines that deliver up to 18 hp or compact diesel engines with as much as 25 hp. The hydraulic systems feature gerotor-style hydraulic motors and operate at up to 12 gpm to drive the conveyor belt. The system provides a continuous flow of power that delivers high transfer rates of clean, saleable material. The hydraulically driven conveyors eliminate the risk of power loss and downtime associated with broken chains or belts on traditional conveyors.

The company also offers 220- and 440-volt AC electrical packages for applications in confined or enclosed spaces that require zero emissions, such as tunnels and indoor projects. The electrical packages offer up to 8 hp and feature a head pulley motor that’s located within the body of the pulley. This protects the motor and minimizes the risk of damage that could occur from other equipment or debris.

The conveyors also can be operated alone with power from optional frame-mounted independent hydraulic and engine systems. The systems eliminate the need for electric power to run multiple conveyors so they can be operated in areas where electricity is not readily available, such as gravel pits.

The radial and radial stacking conveyors are equipped with wheels and a tow ring or clevis pin plate hitch receiver for easy maneuverability on the jobsite. They also feature 15-in. steel wheels with 8-ply radial tires for smooth maneuvering.

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